Today’s Special Occasion: Halloween

Happy Halloween from the American School!  We haven't seen anyone in costume around our office so far this morning, but the day is still early.  Halloween, of course, is a day when scary things are in the spotlight, but there's nothing to be afraid of when it comes to becoming an American School student.  Our curriculum, cost, caring student service and credibility ensure that you will have an exceptional educational experience.  You're TRICKing yourself if you think you can have the life you want without an accredited high school diploma.  Instead, let us TREAT you right after you enroll and become our student!

American School Continues to Offer ACT/SAT Prep Courses

This coming Saturday, November 3, is the second time this academic year that the SAT will be given at high schools across the country.  Students in the American School's College Preparatory program who plan to apply to four-year colleges or universities will usually need to take the ACT or SAT as part of the requirements for admission, but we recommend that you do NOT take these tests until you have completed Algebra 1, Geometry and American Literature.  Completing these three subjects will help you earn better scores on the ACT or SAT.  Enrolling for the ACT or SAT is easy and can be done through the American School's Online Student Center.  After you have logged into the site, click on the first link under the "Other Links" heading, and you will be on your way.  Please use the American School's high school code, 140650, where it is requested during registration.  You will get a copy of your scores and a copy will be sent to us as well.  If you need additional preparation for your ACT or SAT, you can do so through our partnership with Method Test Prep, a leader in ACT and SAT preparation for more than a decade.  We hope these links will provide you with quick, easy registration and outstanding test preparation so that you can do  your very best on the ACT or SAT. 

Today’s Anniversary: The Statue of Liberty

It's October 29, and we're celebrating the anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty a day late.  It was on October 28, 1886, that the Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York Harbor, and just yesterday the Statue of Liberty reopened after its latest renovation.  In the 126 years since the Statue of Liberty opened, countless people have visited this symbol of freedom and climbed to its crown for unparalleled views of New York City.  Just as the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom for many people, the American School is a school of freedom for many of our students.  We say that because when we survey our students, the majority of them say the thing they enjoy most about being our student is that we offer them the ability to have freedom and work at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want.  You can enjoy this freedom as well as soon as you enroll as an American School student! 

Today’s Anniversary: The End of the Pony Express

It's October 26, and on this date in 1861, the Pony Express delivered its last piece of mail.  The Pony Express, as you might expect, used ponies and horses to bring mail across the country.  It's quite possible that, had the American School existed in the 1860s, some of our students' exams would've arrived at our office via the Pony Express.  The American School, however, didn't open until 1897, and in the 115 years that have followed, exams have arrived in our building in a variety of ways.  Most students mail their exams, but local students will occasionally drop off their exams in person at our office.  A couple years ago we launched seven online courses, and, naturally, the exams for those courses are done online.  We are on the verge of introducing another way for students to submit exams, but we can't say what it is just yet.  We should have an announcement in the next few weeks, so keep reading this blog to find out what it is.  It's another way we are working to provide you with caring and speedy student service! 

Testimonial Thursday

It's October 25, and today we're proud to offer you another testimonial from one of our students.  Perla from Wisconsin writes, "I liked how the math courses showed how to do the problem in many different ways.  I also love going to the American School's Web site and Online Student Center.  When I don't understand something, I can always email the instructors and they answer back very quickly."  We thank Perla for her comments, and we want to say a few more words about what she said.  We know that, for many students, math is the most difficult subject they'll take.  That's why we do make every effort to show different ways to solve problems.  In addition, our math courses contain many examples of different types of math problems so that, by the time a student gets to the unit exam, he or she will have seen every type of problem mentioned on the exam.  Also, please note the second half of Perla's comments.  Recently we posted a list of departmental email addresses in our Online Student Center.  If a student has questions about a course, he or she can email an instructor and receive a response within one business day.  It's another way in which we attempt to offer caring and convenient service to all of our students.

Today’s Special Occasion: United Nations Day

It's October 24, and countries around the world are celebrating United Nations Day.  It was on this date in 1945 that the United Nations officially came into being, and UN Day has been celebrated each year on October 24 since 1948.  Although we are proud to call ourselves the American School, our student body is its own United Nations.  Currently we have students from more than 65 countries around the world who are taking are accredited high school courses.  To make things easier for students living overseas, our enrollment page now has applications designed just for them.  We are grateful for all of our students, those living in the United States and those who comprise our own United Nations.   

American School Holds 115th Annual Meeting

It's October 23, and today the American School is holding the 115th Annual Meeting of Trustees and Corporate Members.  The meeting is an opportunity for us to look back at the accomplishments and challenges of the past year and begin to plan for the future.  You'll note that this is the 115th annual meeting.  We've had one every year beginning in 1898, just months after our founding in late 1897.  Our longevity adds to our credibility and helps set us apart from other distance learning schools.  Visit our Facebook page later this week for pictures and highlights from today's meeting. 

Today’s Anniversary: The Light Bulb

It's October 22, and on this date in 1879, Thomas Edison tested the first incandescent light bulb.  Though that bulb lasted only 13 1/2 hours before burning out, today's light bulbs last for much longer periods of time.  You can learn more about electricity by taking our Fundamentals of Electricity course.  Taking this advanced course would be a bright idea for students who might be interested in a career as an electrician.  Fundamentals of Electricity a prime example of the wide variety of trade and vocational courses available in our curriculum.  Indeed, trade and vocational courses were the heart of the American School's early curriculum, and we are proud to offer them more than a century after our founding.

Online Student Center Access Page Modified

Since its introduction in 2007, the Online Student Center has been a huge hit with students and guarantors.  As the site has evolved, more and more information has been added to the access page.  Previously when new information or announcements were added, the big blue student log-in and guarantor log-in buttons were pushed toward the bottom of the page, sometimes out of sight when the page loads.  To make it easier to see the most important buttons on the access page, we moved those buttons to the left-hand side of the page.  Announcements will still be posted on the right-hand side of the page, but no matter how many announcements are added, the student log-in and guarantor log-in buttons will always be visible as soon as you load the page.  Check it out for yourself!

Today’s Special Occasion: Alaska Day

It's October 18, and on this date in 1867, Russia formally gave the Alaska Territory to the United States.  Alaska didn't become a state until nearly a century later, but today is celebrated as a holiday in our nation's 49th state.  Up there, Alaska Day is often marked with parades and reenactments of the flag-raising ceremony that took place 145 years ago today.  The American School has had a long relationship with students and schools in Alaska.  Our General High School and College Preparatory programs work well for those Alaskan students who live in very remote areas of their state, and once again this year, we'll be visiting Alaska to meet with school officials and attend a statewide counseling convention.  Alaska isn't the only state we'll be visiting in the next month.  Keep reading this blog to find out the four other states we'll travel to in early November.