Today’s Birthday: Bill Nye the Science Guy

It's November 27, and Bill Nye the Science Guy turns 57 years old today.  You may have seen him doing experiments on his own television show or as a guest on countless other shows.  The American School offers a variety of science courses that would make Bill Nye proud.  We even have two lab courses, Biology and Chemistry, that allow you to perform safe scientific experiments right in your own home.  Taking a combination of these courses will provide you with a solid foundation in science and bring you closer to your ultimate goal of earning an accredited high school diploma.   

Today’s Special Occasion: Cyber Monday

It's November 26, the Monday after Thanksgiving, which is commonly known as "Cyber Monday" among consumers and retailers.  Many people shop stores in person on "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving, and "Small Business Saturday," two days after Thanksgiving, but today is the day when many people shop online for the best deals.  The American School offers the best value in high school distance education all year long, not just on Cyber Monday.  Our four-year diploma program, which consists of 18 units of credit, costs just $1599.  Individual courses taken through our independent study program typically cost between $150 and $250.  You won't find a better deal anywhere.  We're also continuing to expand our online offerings, which you can learn more about on our Online Learning page.  By Cyber Monday 2013, if not sooner, we should have a full complement of online courses and online exams in paper-based courses for all of our students.   

American School Assistant Principal To Speak at IFWE Conference

American School Assistant Principal Eve Tselepatiotis will speak at the IFWE (International Forum for Women in E-Learning) Conference next week in Bonita Springs, Florida.  She will discuss successful strategies for addressing academic integrity issues with parents and students at an event sponsored by the USDLA (United States Distance Learning Association).  The American School always has put a great emphasis on academic integrity, and so we are privileged to have Eve speak about this topic at such a prestigious national distance-learning conference. 

Happy Thanksgiving from the American School

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the American School.  On this occasion, we are especially thankful for all of our students.  So that our employees can spend time with their families, the American School will be closed Thursday, November 22, and Friday, November 23.  Our offices will reopen Monday, November 26, and any emails that you send us over the weekend will be answered at that time.  In addition, this blog will be taking a few days off starting this weekend and continuing into next week, but we'll be back soon to bring you all the latest news from the American School!

Today’s Anniversary: Windows 1.0

It's November 20, and on this date in 1985, Microsoft introduced a new operating system called Windows 1.0.  In the 27 years since, Windows has become by far the most popular operating system.  Its latest incarnation, Windows 8, was released less than a month ago, and while the American School doesn't have any Windows 8 computers in our office just yet, we do have many, many computers that use a Windows operating system.  We also have many, many computers that use a different operating system.  No matter the operating system, every computer in our office serves a specific role and purpose in serving our students.  Computers have been on our mind a lot lately as we continue to expand our online learning offerings.  If you're interested in taking our online courses or, when they become available, online exams in paper-based courses, please visit our Online Learning page and take a look at the technical requirements for our online learning offerings.  There you'll find what's required for Windows and non-Windows operating systems so that you can get the most of your online learning experience with us! 

Today’s Birthday: James B. Sumner

It's November 19, and on this date 125 years ago, chemist James B. Sumner was born.  A Harvard graduate, Sumner did his research at another Ivy League school, Cornell.  It was there that he worked with an enzyme called urease and proved it was a protein, which was an important breakthrough at the time.  He went on to do additional research in the crystallization of enzymes, and that research earned him a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1946.  The American School has offered Chemistry for years, but recently we introduced a Lab version of that course for those students who are interested in making chemistry come to life in their own home.  The Chemistry Lab course is another example of our Curriculum department adapting to the needs of our students, and more adaptations and updates are in the works as we move closer to 2013! 

Today’s Special Occasion: International Education Week

It's November 16, and today is the last day of International Education Week.  The American School is more than just a school for Americans who live in the United States.  In fact, included in our student body are American citizens who are temporarily living overseas, as well as full-time residents of many foreign countries.  If you are in either of those two groups, we have special enrollment applications designed just for you.  Perhaps even moreso than students who live stateside, our students who live overseas will appreciate the quicker turnaround time when they take online exams in select paper-based courses.  Add our Online Learning page to your favorites, and check it often so that you'll be the first to know when these exams will become available to our entire student body.

Today’s Birthday: August Krogh

It's November 15, and Danish scientist August Krogh was born on this date in 1874.  He won the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 1920 and was best known for his study of how capillaries are regulated in skeletal muscles.  If you read our blog entry from a couple days ago, you know that the American School will soon offer online exams for select paper-based courses, including what would've been Krogh's favorite course, Physiology and Health.  Please read the information and documents on the Online Learning page carefully before deciding if online exams are are option for you when they become available. 

American School Attends Alaska School Counselor Association Conference

This week the American School is attending the Alaska School Counselor Association Conference in Anchorage.  It's the final convention of the calendar year and, by a wide margin, the farthest one from our office, but visiting Alaska is something we do every year.  We head to the Last Frontier not only to meet with school officials at the convention itself but also to visit several schools which use our courses to educate their students, many of whom live in the remotest parts of the state.  Our students in Alaska are a prime example of how the American School can help assist people in all corners of the earth in earning their accredited high school diploma.  No student is too far from our headquarters not to receive the personal attention in distance education that has been our hallmark for more than a century, and soon, with yesterday's announcement of the the arrival of online exams for paper-based courses, students will receive grades and other feedback quicker than ever.

American School Offers Online Exams for Select Paper-Based Courses

The American School is pleased to announce that online exams will soon be available for select paper-based courses.  All the information you need to get started is on our Online Learning page.  Please carefully read the document on the bottom of that page, and take note of the introductory period for these online exams.  Although we plan to offer online exams for nine courses at this time, a growing number of online exams and online courses will be available throughout 2013.  Continue to visit the Online Learning page as well as this blog and our Facebook page for updates.