Today’s Birthday: Gary R. Masterton

It's April 16, and Gary R. Masterton is celebrating a birthday today.  He is just the seventh American School President in our 116-year history, and during his term in office, we've experienced a great increase in the number of online services available to our students.  First there was the Online Student Center, where students can check their grades, download help sheets, get links to homework web sites and much more.  Then there was the new and improved Web site which you're visiting right now.  Finally, there are several new online learning initiatives, including online courses and online exams in paper-based courses.  Tomorrow we'll be announcing the latest addition to our online learning offerings, which will help our president and all of us supply you with the best possible education we can offer.   

Celebrate National Environmental Education Week

It's April 15, the first weekday in National Environmental Education Week, which runs from April 14 to April 20.  With spring arriving in many parts of the country, now is the perfect time to get outside and explore the environment around you.  Our Environmental Science course also can be beneficial to you in a variety of ways.  Not only will you learn more about your surroundings, but you will also be one credit closer to earning your accredited high school diploma.  An added bonus is that Environmental Science is one of 22 paper-based courses in which you can take your exams online.  Visit our Online Learning page for more details, and if you're doing anything special this week to celebrate the environment, share it on our Facebook page. 

Travis Pastrana Returns to Action at Texas

After a couple weeks off, Travis Pastrana is back in action tonight as the Nationwide Series races at Texas Motor Speedway.  In this clip, Travis talks about racing at Texas and discusses his plans for the rest of the season.  We wish Travis all the best tonight, and if you watch the race, look and listen for him as the event's in-race reporter!

Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, time for another testimonial from one of our students.  This one comes from Meghan from Maine, who writes, "I felt that the American School provided me with the ability to earn my high school credits without the pressure of everyday school and being in a classroom.  This program was clear when it came to understanding the lessons and such.  The positive feedback I received on my exams when I got them back with a grade was very encouraging and gave me the extra support I needed."  We thank Meghan for her kind words about our program and how we treat our students.  We make every effort to personalize distance education and ensure that all of our students have a positive experience with us.  Enroll today and you can experience the same type of quality education and service as Meghan did!

American School Expands Online Learning Offerings

The American School is proud to announce eight new additions to our online learning offerings. 

To start, Physiology and Health and World Literature are now available in paper-based and online formats.  If students choose to do the online version of these courses, they will receive the same textbook as used in the paper-based version, but not a study guide.  Instead, all self-check tests and unit exams in the online versions of Physiology and Health and World Literature will be done online. 

In addition, online exams are now available in the paper-based versions of Earth Science, English 3: Composition and Grammar, Automotive: Know Your Car, Photography, Practical English and Psychology.

Visit our Online Learning page and our Course Descriptions page for more information on the courses listed above.  Also, keep checking this blog and our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates on our online learning initiatives.  We are always working to improve our curriculum, and there's a good chance we'll have another big announcement coming up soon!

American School to Attend ISCA Conferences

The American School's convention season is kicking into high gear.  We had a terrific time at the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, where we met many prospective students as well as a few current students and graduates.  This week and next, we'll be promoting our Independent Study Program at the Illinois School Counselor Association Conferences.  The first is Friday, April 12, at the Northfield Inn, Suites and Conference Center in Springfield.  The second is Friday, April 19, at the Skokie Holiday Inn in Skokie.  We look forward to meeting guidance counselors from around our home state and showing them how we can help their students graduate on time.  Keep checking this blog to learn where we're headed in May.

American School Updates French 2 Course

The American School is pleased to announce our French 2 course has been updated.  Students who plan to take this course but who have not received course materials yet will now receive an eEdition CD-ROM textbook along with a Take-Home Tutor CD.  The two CDs are packaged separately from each other.  Check back later this week when we'll be announcing other new additions to our curriculum! 

Notice to Biology Lab Students

The American School has been notified by our supplier that they will no longer ship live product such as mealworms and chlorella (algae) cultures that are a part of the Biology Lab course to students living in Alaska, Hawaii, Utah, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories.  You must locate these items on your own.  We have found that mealworms and algae are usually available in local pet stores or bait shops at a very minimal cost.  Additionally, in place of the mealworm, you may also use any invertebrate animal that is found naturally in your environment, such as an earthworm from your backyard garden.  For more information about substituting locally-found items for the mealworm and chlorella cultures, please contact the American School's Science Department via the email address listed in the Online Student Center.  For other questions related to this matter, please contact the Student Service Department at the email address listed in the Online Student Center.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Today’s Special Occasion: April Fools’ Day

It's April 1, traditionally known as April Fools' Day, a day that people play practical jokes on one another.  Hopefully you're not a victim of anyone's pranks or hoaxes today, and you definitely won't be a victim of a hoax from the American School.  We are 100% serious and not joking around when we tell you that next week we have a huge announcement about our online learning initiatives.  Keep checking this blog, our Online Learning page, and our Facebook page for all the details.