American School Expands Partnership with Method Test Prep

The American School is excited to announce an expanded partnership with Method Test Prep, a leader in online ACT and SAT prep courses for more than a decade.  Method Test Prep has recently added teacher-led classes to their prep course offerings, and they are offering American School students a special discount when they enroll in a teacher-led class.  When you enroll, enter the word american as your promo code and receive 10% off the price of your teacher-led class!  Visit our ACT/SAT Prep page for more details on how to enroll in self-paced courses or the new teacher-led classes!

Today’s Special Occasion: MLB All-Star Game

It's July 16, and tonight is the Major League Baseball All-Star Game at Citi Field in New York.  Each year this blog writes about the MLB All-Star Game because that was the subject of the very first American School blog entry back in 2006.  Just like seven years ago, every American School student has a chance to be an all-star.  The ability for our students to work at their own pace ensures that they can put forth their best effort on each and every exam.  If they choose to move quickly through a subject, they can do that.  If they need more time on another subject, they can do that.  Enroll today and let us help you reach your potential as an all-star student!  

Big Announcement Coming in One Month

It's July 15, and exactly one month from today on August 15, the American School will be making another big announcement.  What could it possibly be?  Maybe it has something to do with our Online Learning offerings!  Keep checking this blog, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed for other updates!

American School Updates Facebook Page Name

Don't be alarmed if you go to our Facebook page and don't see American School of Correspondence as the name of the page.  To reflect our increased online learning offerings, we're now known on Facebook simply as American School.  The page's URL hasn't changed, nor will our commitment to post relevant articles and updates throughout the day and even over the weekend.  We encourage you to like our page and follow us on Twitter for all our latest news!

American School Films TV Commercial

As you know, Thursdays in the blog are sometimes devoted to testimonials from students, but today is not a normal Thursday at the American School.  That's because we're welcoming a television crew to film a short commercial about us.  We're excited about this opportunity and look forward to sharing the commercial with you when it is completed later this year or early in 2014.

Today’s Birthday: Nikola Tesla

It's July 10, and scientist Nikola Tesla was born on this date in 1856.  He was an inventor, engineer and physicist but is probably best known for his work in developing an alternating current electricity supply system.  His last name is now the official name of the SI unit measure of magnetic field strength.  If you are interested in learning about one of Tesla's areas of expertise, consider taking our Fundamentals of Electricity course.  We are proud to offer a wide variety of courses like Fundamentals of Electricity and look forward to adding more unique courses when we expand our online learning offerings later this summer. 

Today’s Birthday: Elias Howe

It's July 9, and on this date in 1819, Elias Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine, was born.  A sewing machine is recommended, but not required, for students in the American School's Clothing course.  In that course, you'll not only learn how to sew, but you'll also learn what styles and colors suit you best and how to get the most for your clothing dollar.  If you want to earn a credit toward your accredited high school diploma and look sharp doing so, then enroll in our Clothing course today!

American School Blog Celebrates 7th Birthday

The American School Blog is celebrating its 7th birthday this week!  Since its first entry on July 11, 2006, the blog has been a consistent source of information about what is happening at the American School.  Today the blog is supplemented by the School's official Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the All American newsletter, which can be found on our Community page.  We are pleased to provide you with so many different ways of receiving information from us and look forward to your continued likes, follows and readership the rest of the year! 

American School Announces Fourth of July Schedule

The American School will be closed Thursday, July 4, and Friday, July 5, in observance of Independence Day.  We wish all of you a happy and safe weekend and look forward to serving you when we reopen on Monday, July 8.

Update for Current and Future Carpentry Students

We have been notified by American Technical Publishers that the edition of Carpentry that we use is no longer available.  Due to the fact that we are out of stock of the current edition of the textbook, until further notice Carpentry is not available as a course for new enrollments or for students who have that course in their programs but who have not yet received the textbook.  We do have Carpentry study guides available for students who already have a textbook but need a duplicate study guide.  American Technical Publishers will send us the latest edition of the textbook to determine how extensive the updates to our course will need to be in order to use the latest edition of the textbook.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.