Today’s Special Occasion: Halloween

It's Halloween, and the American School wishes everyone, especially trick-or-treaters, a happy and safe holiday.  Halloween is a day that is known for scary things and creatures such as ghosts, goblins, werewolves, witches, monsters and mummies, and so on.  We realize that some of you might be scared about homeschooling or doing individual classes through independent study.  Let us assure you that you have nothing to fear.  The American School is accredited and offers the high school courses you need at a cost you can afford.  Our qualified instructors personally grade every exam submitted to us, and the rest of our staff is here to assist you whenever you need help.  The enrollment process is easy.  Get started today and one day you'll have something that lasts much longer than Halloween candy–your accredited high school diploma!

Today’s Anniversary: Helena, Montana

It's October 30, and on this date in 1864, the city of Helena, Montana, was founded after four men discovered gold at Last Chance Gulch.  The American School has always enjoyed serving students who live in Big Sky Country.  One of our most famous graduates, author Christopher Paolini, calls Montana home.  You can read more about him and other famous students on our Community page.  We have also attended homeschool conventions in Montana and plan to return there for the state's 2014 event.  No matter where you live, in Montana, one of the other 49 states, or even overseas, we look forward to having you as our student.  Enroll today and you'll be on your way to an accredited high school diploma.   

American School to Attend All Michigan Counselors Conference

The American School will exhibit at the All Michigan Counselors Conference on November 3-4 at the Amway Grand in Grand Rapids. The conference will provide an opportunity for school counselors in Michigan to meet with American School personnel and learn how the American School can benefit their students.  We always enjoy meeting counselors from Michigan, but that's not the only state we'll visit in November.  Check back soon to see where we're going next week and the week after.

American School Attends iNACOL Symposium

This week American School employees are attending the iNACOL Blended and Online Learning Symposium in Orlando.  iNACOL is the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, and the American School's presence at this event will allow us to learn the latest advancements in distance learning so that we can make our online learning offerings even better.  Later this week we'll be heading to another show not as an attendee but as an exhibitor.  Check out this blog later in the week to find out where we are headed!

Flashback Friday

If you follow politics, you might be familiar with the term "one percent" that has been floating around in recent months.  While the American School does not take any political stance, we thought you might get a kick out of this article, which makes reference to a very old American School ad.  These days, the American School doesn't do much mainstream print advertising.  Rather, we focus our advertising dollars on print ads in homeschool or school counselor publications or on similar Web sites.  In spite of our advertising efforts, though, the most popular way people hear about us is word of mouth.  So if you're our student and you like us, tell a friend.  We'd be happy to have your friend as our student too!  

Testimonial Thursday

This will be our last Testimonial Thursday for at least three weeks because of some special occasions happening the next two Thursdays, so we'd better make today's count.  Fortunately we have a good testimonial from Ethan from Georgia, who writes, "So far I’ve been really impressed with the American School.  I’ve completed more in one month with this program than in public school.  The books and exams are very simple and easy to follow.  I love my decision to finish high school via the American School."  We thank Ethan for those words and enjoy having him as our student.  Students really enjoy the ability to work at their own pace.  If they need a longer time to master a certain concept, they can do that.  If they are doing well in a subject, they can work rapidly and finish earlier than their classmates at a traditional high school.  It's just one of the benefits you'll receive after you enroll and become our student.

American School Holds 116th Annual Meeting

The American School's 116th Annual Meeting, held as a special meeting of the Board of Trustees and Members of the Corporation, was an occasion for those present to review the past year's activities and look ahead to the future.  A major accomplishment of the past year was the School securing new accreditation by Ai (Accreditation International) and NCPSA (the National Council for Private School Accreditation), an achievement which received special recognition from the Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees, which consists of Roberta Allen, John Kemp, Gary R. Masterton, John McCulley and Mary McKeown, elected officers for the upcoming year, including President Gary R. Masterton and Executive Vice-Presidents Vincent J. Immordino and G. Marie Limback, who, along with Rene S. Villalva, will form the School's Executive Committee.  Those present also elected four new Members of the Corporation: Sunila Samuel, Valerie Riley, Judy Piscione and Cher Tufly, who are pictured from left to right in the photo below.  The Annual Meeting may be over for another year, but our work of striving to offer our students the best and most affordable education in both paper-based and online formats continues every day.  We look forward to working hard in the upcoming year to ensure the 117th Annual Meeting on October 28, 2014, will be as successful as this year's.

2013 Annual Meeting

American School Set to Hold 116th Annual Meeting

The fourth Tuesday in October is always the day on which the American School holds its Annual Meeting of Trustees and Corporate Members.  Today's meeting, the 116th in School history, is a chance for those present to reflect on the past year's accomplishments and to look ahead to the future.  Check back tomorrow for a recap and maybe some pictures of this year's event.

Article Sheds Light on Dropout Problem

Occasionally this blog writes about the dropout problem that exists in the United States, and today is one of those times.  This article reports the results of a new study on the subject and gives us the opportunity to remind you that you don't have to be a statistic.  In fact, you can work toward living the life you've always wanted after you enroll, become our student, work hard, and within four years earn your accredited high school diploma.

Today’s Special Occasion: Alaska Day

It's October 18, and each year our friends in Alaska celebrate today as Alaska Day since it was on this date in 1867 that the United States officially took possession of the Alaskan Territory after purchasing it from Russia for the bargain price of $7.2 million.  We are grateful to have wonderful relationships with schools and students in our 49th state and have enjoyed visiting Alaska for counselor conventions and other meetings with school officials.  Be sure to check this blog and our Facebook and Twitter pages often to see where we are headed next.