Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, and so we are back with another testimonial from one of our students.  Today's comes from Sydney from Arkansas, who writes, "All of the subjects and materials are explained very clearly.  The American School's curriculum is better and more thought out than some of the other public schools in the country.  The fact that you can study at your own pace makes it even better."  We thank Sydney for those words.  We work hard to provide our students with the best curriculum possible in both paper-based and online formats.  Experience it for yourself after you enroll and become our student!

American School Releases New Batch of Online Exams in Paper-Based Courses

The American School is pleased to announce the release of online exams in seven additional paper-based courses.  The new courses for which online exams are available today are British Literature, English 4: Composition and Grammar, Spelling, Writing 1B, Spanish 1, Home Planning and Decorating and United States/Illinois Constitution (for students living in Illinois only).  New in this batch is the use of the plagiarism detection service Turnitin in British Literature and English 4.  Turnitin also helps our instructors grade essays more efficiently and effectively.  We hope you will enjoy the convenience of doing your exams online in these subjects, and know that we will continue to expand our online learning offerings as we head into 2014. 

Today’s Special Occasion: Boss’s Day

It's October 16, and the American School is celebrating Boss's Day.  The American School's hierarchy consists of a Board of Trustees, an Executive Committee, a Corporation and department supervisors.  The members of each group, some of whom overlap, are all dedicated to giving our students the best education and service we can offer.  Read today's other blog entry to learn about our latest educational offerings!

New All American Newsletter Available

The September-October All American newsletter is available by clicking the link on this page or by visiting the Community page of our Web site.  In this issue, you'll read a tribute to President Emeritus William Hunding, learn more about the American School's new accreditation, discover what some talented American School students have been doing, find out where to watch our new infomercial, and read about some employees celebrating milestones.  As always, if you have ideas for the newsletter, please send them to us.  We'd love to feature you in a future issue of the All American!

Today’s Special Occasion: Columbus Day

It's Columbus Day, and, while many companies have the day off, the American School is open for business.  That means we are here to serve our students, including those who very recently have decided to "set sail" and become American School students.  We'll process their enrollment applications, evaluate their official transcripts from other accredited high schools if necessary, and get them their first course within 5-10 days of enrollment.  We can do the same for you after you enroll today! 

Flashback Friday

Today we turn the way-back machine to 25 years ago this month.  You'll see in the October 1988 All American that we were releasing new versions of our Drawing Animals and Clothing courses.  A quarter-century later, those courses remain in our curriculum, though, like the rest of our courses, they have been revised and updated several times so that our students get the most up-to-date courses.  Keep checking this blog often to learn what new and/or revised courses we'll be releasing next!

October 88

American School’s Front Entrance Reopens

The construction project that has closed the American School's front entrance for much of the last two weeks is now complete.  Therefore, the front entrance of our building has reopened, and we look forward to welcoming any visitors who may walk through those doors!  Thank you for your patience during this project.

Testimonial Thursday

We just received this week's testimonial a couple days ago, but it's so good that we had to share it right away.  Larry from Mississippi writes, "I’m looking forward to completing my courses and getting my diploma.  Most people told me when I started I would never finish.  I will prove them wrong."  The American School is sometimes referred to as the school of the second chance, and we are proud to offer accredited high school courses and diplomas to Larry and thousands of other students who are looking to succeed despite the sometimes long odds imposed upon them by others.  No matter what your situation, if you are looking to earn your accredited high school diploma, we invite you to enroll today and one day experience the same satisfaction Larry will receive on the day he receives his American School diploma.

Today’s Anniversary: The Day That Wasn’t

It's October 9, and we'd like to report what happened in Italy, Portugal, Poland and Spain on this date in 1582, but we simply cannot.  It's not because we don't know what happened on that date or that nothing noteworthy happened.  It's because October 9, 1582 never existed at all in those four countries.  That's because those four countries were adjusting to a new calendar, and to catch up with the rest of the world, they skipped over October 9, 1582.  One of the advantages of being an American School student is that you can skip a day too if you'd like.  Now we don't recommend skipping several days or weeks in a row.  Rather, we'd like you to work on your courses on a consistent basis, but all of our students have the ability to work entirely at their own pace.  That means if you want to skip a day here and there you can do that.  It's entirely up to you.  Our students say that the ability to work at their own pace, when and where it is convenient for them, is one of the things they like best about the American School.  We think you'll feel the same way after you enroll and become one of our students!

Today’s Birthday: Travis Pastrana

It's October 8, and American School graduate and motorsports star Travis Pastrana turns 30 years old today.  We're happy to have him among our famous students and graduates, but the reality is that we treat every one of our students as if he or she is famous.  Enroll today and discover for yourself the personalized attention we offer in distance education!