Today’s Birthday: Bob Barker

It's December 12, and legendary game show host and animal activist Bob Barker turns 90 years old today.  The Price is Right has always been a favorite of this blog, so much so that in June of 2007 when Bob Barker retired as host of the long-running game show, we did a whole series of blogs about how certain pricing games tie into the American School.  You can view those blogs near the very bottom of the blog archive, but for today's blog, let's focus on how our price is right for you no matter how many courses you need to take with us.  The cost of an 18-unit diploma program is $2100, with pro-rated pricing available if you need fewer than 18 units to earn your diploma.  Online courses are included in the cost of tuition, so if you wish to take as many online courses as possible, you can do that at no extra charge.  If you prefer to take all paper-based courses, you can do that instead.  The cost is exactly the same, and all study materials, grading and access to the Online Student Center are included.  Monthly payment plans which allow students to pay as little as $75 a month are available for students in our diploma programs.  Individual courses for enrichment or credit recovery usually run between $150 and $300.  Again, all study materials, grading and access to the Online Student Center are included.  When you consider the cost and the high-quality curriculum you'll receive as our student, it makes "cents" for you to spend your dollars with us.  Enroll today! 

American School Receives 2014 Seal of Approval

2014 hasn't arrived yet, but the American School is already earning honors bearing next year's date. Once again, we have earned's Seal of Approval, which means that the site's editors and readers have tested our products and found them to be satisfactory.  We have received this award for several years running and plan on working hard in the coming year so that we may receive the 2015 Seal of Approval too!


2014 Seal

November-December All American Newsletter Now Available

The November-December All American newsletter is now available online and will soon be available in print.  This issue contains information on the American School's latest online learning offerings and an important update to the Online Student Center, a special Counselor's Corner column on financial aid, a review of the 116th annual meeting (held as a special meeting of the American School Board of Trustees and Members of the Corporation), news about the upcoming winter season, a surprise on the back page, and much more.  As always, we enjoy hearing from our students and graduates and wish to feature your accomplishments in future newsletters.  Send your information to  We look forward to sharing your achievements in an upcoming All American!

Today’s Special Occasion: St. Nicholas Day

It's December 6, and people around the world are celebrating St. Nicholas Day.  No matter what your religious affiliation is, we thought you'd be interested in learning more about the man who long has been considered the inspiration for Santa Claus and who is the reason why your shoes might be filled with presents this morning.  We will post our holiday schedule soon and look forward to serving you throughout the holiday season.

Today’s Special Occasion: The Sound of Music

It's December 5, and tonight NBC is airing a live performance of "The Sound of Music" at 8 p.m. EST.  We know that this a a show that many families may choose to watch together, and so we are pleased to inform you of some educational opportunities for future American School students who are currently in grades 1-6.  Click here to download a program guide and study activities that students can complete before, during and after the show.  Then, by 12 midnight EST on December 6, click here to win a "The Sound of Music" prize pack from our friends at Great Homeschool Conventions, a group which sponsors two conventions we'll be attending in 2014.  We hope you enjoy tonight's broadcast and find it both entertaining and educational.

PISA Test Shows How U.S. Students Fare Against the World

Every so often this blog will describe homeschooling as internationally relevant, since indeed homeschooling is not a movement or phenomenon strictly confined to the United States.  Education in general is of course internationally relevant, and each country has its own unique way of teaching its young people.  The Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA, is one way of comparing the progress and skill levels of students in 65 countries around the world.  This article reports the results of the latest PISA, which was administered in 2012.  You might be interested and maybe a even a bit surprised to see how the students in the United States fared against students in other parts of the world.

Scholarships Available for Illinois Students

The Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation and the Illinois AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary have released information on their 2013-2014 scholarship programs.  The Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation will award four separate one-year scholarships to Illinois residents, and the Illinois AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary will award two one-year scholarships to Illinois residents.  Dollar amounts vary for each award.  Click here for eligibility requirements and more information about these awards.

Today’s Special Occasion: Cyber Monday

It's December 2, but more importantly it is the Monday after the Friday after Thanksgiving.  The day after Thanksgiving is more commonly known as Black Friday, not because someone died or the stock market crashed but because retailers make a profit or are "in the black" after shoppers crowd their stores to make holiday purchases.  With the advent of the Internet, the Monday after Black Friday became known as Cyber Monday, a day that many online retailers offer incredible deals to consumers who choose to purchase items online rather than in stores.  The American School offers accredited high school courses and diploma programs, and if you enroll today, you'll make a Cyber Monday purchase whose impact will be far more memorable than any gift you'll give or receive during the holiday season!