American School Updates Transcript Release Form

The American School is pleased to make official transcripts available to students and graduates.  Our long-standing policy is that the first transcript you request is free, and future transcripts are available for a small fee.  Effective February 1, additional transcripts cost $5 each.  You may request a transcript by using this transcript release form.  If you need assistance, please contact the Student Service Department by phone at 708-418-2800 during normal business hours or by email, using the email address listed in the Online Student Center.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Today’s Birthday: William Hunding

It's January 30, the birthday of American School President Emeritus William Hunding, who passed away last September.  His birthday is a good time to reflect on the seven men who have served as President of the American School.  Our first president was also our founder, R.T. Miller, who served from 1897-1945.  He oversaw the launch of the American School, our move from Boston to Chicago, the construction of our own building and the rapid growth of our home study program.  He was succeeded by James McKinney, who was president from 1945-1957.  Before becoming president, he served as educational director and vice-president for nearly a quarter century.  In 1957, C.M. Elliott took over the presidency.  He was R.T. Miller's secretary and worked for the American School for 37 years before taking the reins.  In 1970, 48 years after starting his American School career, W.K. Lasher became president.  At just five years, his presidency was the shortest, and he was succeeded in 1975 by William Wright, who spent the last half of his 34 years with the American School as president.  In 1992, William Hunding took over and remained in office until he retired in 2006.  He was an American School employee from 1967-2006 and continued to serve as a trustee until the time of his death.  Our current president is Gary R. Masterton, who has been at the helm while the School transititions from a strictly correspondence school to one that offers a robust mix of paper-based and online learning options.  The fact that we have had only seven presidents in our 117-year history is a testimony both to those who have held the office as well as to the stability of the American School itself.

Today’s Special Occasion: Big Block of Cheese Day

It's January 29, the day after the annual State of the Union address, and the White House is holding what it's calling the Big Block of Cheese Day.  Back in 1837, Andrew Jackson held an open house at the White House, and the centerpiece of that event was literally a big block of cheddar cheese that weighed more than half a ton.  Guests to the White House sliced a piece of cheese for themselves and then walked around talking with government leaders.  Times have changed quite a bit since then, especially when it comes to security, so today's Big Block of Cheese Day is going to be done virtually over social media and other internet sites.  We invite you to click on the link above if you wish to participate, and don't forget that you can interact with us on social media too.  Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to learn more.  We'd love to hear from you there!

January-February All American Newsletter Available

The January-February All American newsletter is now available on the Community page of this web site or by clicking on the link above.  This issue contains information on policy changes starting in February, new online and paper-based learning offerings, details about American School graduates in the news, tributes to employees celebrating milestone anniversaries, and details about the American School's appearance on America's Web Radio earlier this month.  As always, we want to include your news in the All American.  You can send your information to the email address printed on the back page.  We'd love to hear from you!

Method Test Prep Monday

It's the first day of the week, so let's see what our partners at Method Test Prep are up to.  This week Method Test Prep is hosting ACT Week, which is highlighted by a free webinar on Wednesday, January 29.  ACT Week spills over into next week when Method Test Prep offers free ACT prep classes in English, math, reading and science over the course of four nights.  Check out our Facebook page next week for details on those.  As always, you can visit our ACT-SAT Prep page for information on how to enroll in one of Method Test Prep's self-paced or teacher-led courses.

Today’s Birthday: Neil Diamond

It's January 24, and singer Neil Diamond turns 73 years old today.  When this blog started back in 2006, we occasionally would commemorate famous singers on their birthdays by connecting the titles of some of their biggest hits to things associated with the American School.  We haven't done that in awhile, so we might be a little rusty, but we're going to give it a shot today.  When you enroll and become an American School student, you'll be a "Solitary Man" (or woman)  working toward your accredited high school diploma in a classroom of me, but you will not be alone.  You'll have the support of our instructors and other staff members every step of the way to ensure you don't discouraged and sing a "Song Sung Blue" as you work on your courses.  If you're not a morning person, you can "Thank the Lord for the Night Time" and do your work in the evening.  You work entirely at your own pace and on your own schedule.  There's no dress code to attend the American School so you can be "Forever in Blue Jeans" while you work on your online or paper-based courses.  And speaking of courses, we have more than 70 of them, including interesting electives like Food Study in which you can learn about "Cherry Cherry" and "Crunchy Granola Suite" and other nutritious foods.  Finally, don't forget that, although we are physically located in Illinois, we have students in all 50 states and in more than 65 countries around the world.  Whether you're a "Kentucky Woman" whose name is "Sweet Caroline" or live far away from "America" we'd still love to have you as our student.  After you receive your diploma, you'll be able to say "I Am, I Said" to those who ask you if you're a high school graduate!

Today’s Birthday: Jeff Samardzija

It's January 23, and Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija turns 29 years old today.  He's been a favorite athlete of at least a couple American School employees ever since he was catching passes and scoring touchdowns as an All-American wide receiver on Notre Dame's football team in the mid-2000s.  Each year when football season ended, he would make the transition to baseball, where several of his college teammates gave him the nickname he still has today–Shark.  Have you ever thought of yourself as a dual threat or someone who can excel in two different things like Jeff did?  The American School can help you do just that, in part because we allow you to study whenever and wherever it's convenient for you.  Think about it.  You could devote your daytime hours to one of your interests that could turn into a possible career and then devote your evening hours to studying your American School courses entirely at your own pace.  We now have several different online learning options for you to sink your teeth into, or you can take our equally rigorous paper-based courses.  Either way, we're confident you'll hit it out of the park as an American School student, so enroll today!

Today’s Birthday: Steve Perry

It's January 22, and singer Steve Perry is 65 years old today.  He had some solo hits in the 1980s but is best known as the lead singer of the rock band Journey.  In 2005 when the Chicago White Sox won the World Series, the team used a Journey song titled "Don't Stop Believin'" as its theme song, and the title of that song can be your theme as you work toward your accredited high school diploma from the American School.  We know that people have different reasons for enrolling with us, and, for a variety of factors, sometimes people get discouraged along the way.  Don't stop believing in yourself!  Remember that you can work entirely at your own pace and, whenever you need it, you can receive help from our qualified instructors via phone or email.  You can also go to the Online Student Center to download help sheets and receive links to homework web sites.    So don't stop believing in yourself.  Keep pushing forward and you'll become an American School graduate!

Today’s Special Occasion: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

It's January 20, and today the United States is observing the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  As we've said many times before in this blog, one way to make history come alive is to visit museums, libraries or other historic sites.  If you're in Atlanta, you can visit the King Center to learn more about Dr. King.  If you can't make it to Atlanta, many people do service projects today to commemorate Dr. King's life, and you can learn more about these by visiting the United States Government's official site.

American School Releases New English 2: Composition and Grammar Course

The American School is pleased to release a new version of English 2: Composition and Grammar.  The course, which contains six exams and is worth one-half unit of credit, is the second in a series of one-half unit courses which stress a positive interest in language and training in speaking and writing.  We plan to release new paper-based and online courses throughout 2014, so keep checking this blog and our Facebook and Twitter pages often for all the latest updates.