Flashback Friday

Our periodic Flashback Friday feature has returned, and this time we're going back 30 years ago this month to the May 1984 All American.  Normally we just reprint the front page of a vintage newsletter, but this time we're showing parts of three pages.  On the front page you'll see two former American School Presidents, William Wright and William Hunding, at the National Home Study Council Conference in Honolulu.  The National Home Study Council evolved into the Distance Education and Training Council, of which the American School was a founding member.  On the other side of the front page you'll read a bit about the Sociology course we introduced in 1984.  Today we offer that course in paper-based and online formats.  


On the other pages you'll read about one of our English instructors and about three students who were doing exceptional things in 1984.  One hoped to become a chiropractor, one was a semifinalist in the Miss Maine Teen USA Pageant and the third was an up-and-coming tennis star who went on to have success in major tournaments.  You'll read about some of today's talented American School students in the May-June All American, which is in the final stages of production will be available on our Community page in a few weeks.


Finally, on this last page you'll notice a picture from the American Association for Counseling and Development Convention which was held in Houston in March 1984.  Even though the picture isn't the best quality, we thought you may get a kick out of seeing what our display looked like back then.  If you visit us at a convention this year, you'll see that our display has changed quite a bit, but our goal remains the same: to offer people the accredited high school courses they need at a cost they can afford. 


Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, so let's present another testimonial from one of our students.  Today Alaa from Missouri writes, "I think the American School is amazing.  I would recommend this school to students whether they need to recover a credit or want to get ahead by earning a credit."  We appreciate those words and wish to use them to discuss the dual purpose of our Independent Study Program, which serves students who attend brick and mortar high schools.  One purpose is credit recovery.  This time of year, many students from across the country are taking one or more courses with us in the hope of graduating on time with their classes.  Another group will take courses with us over the summer so that they may be ready for the next grade when school resumes in the fall.  As Alaa points out, however, there is a second purpose.  Students at resident high schools can take our courses to get ahead, perhaps by taking one of our online courses in a subject area that isn't available at their school, or they can take one of our courses to avoid a scheduling conflict.  We are proud to serve these students and their schools and invite others to enroll today!

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American School to Attend CHAP Convention

The American School is pleased to be an exhibitor at the 28th annual CHAP Homeschool Convention to be held May 9-10 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Those attending the convention are invited to visit us in booth 301 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, May 9, and Saturday, May 10, to learn more about the American School and the educational services we provide to students and schools.  This will be our third appearance at the CHAP Convention, and we have found it to be a great place to meet current and future students.  We expect this year will be no different, so make plans to join us!

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Today’s Special Occasion: National Teacher Day

It's May 6, and as part of Teacher Appreciation Week, today is National Teacher Day.  Although you may never see them face-to-face, the American School's instructors are dedicated to grading your exams accurately and fairly.  They all have at least 24 hours of college credit in the subjects in which they grade, and many of them have advanced degrees in their fields.  It would be easier and quicker if they graded paper exams by machine or simply put a grade at the top of the first page and moved on to the next test, but our instructors go above and beyond that.  They write or type personalized comments on each exam they grade, often calling students by name.  It's one way the American School tries to make distance education as personal as possible.  Our instructors also write correct answers and give page references for any incorrect questions.  Math and science instructors provide step-by-step solutions to problems that appear on their exams.  It's an example of how our instructors aren't simply graders.  They're teachers, and on this day, we are especially grateful for their service to our students all over the world.

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Today’s Special Occasion: Cinco de Mayo

It's May 5, which can be translated into Spanish as Cinco de Mayo.  Since today's celebration commemorates a major event in the history of Mexico, where Spanish is the primary language, it's a good time to mention that the American School offers paper-based courses in Spanish 1 and Spanish 2.  For your convenience, we offer online exams in both Spanish courses too.  In taking one or both of these courses, you'll not only learn about the Spanish language, but you'll learn a bit of culture as you earn credits toward your accredited high school diploma.

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Online Exams Available in French 1 and French 2

The American School is pleased to announce that online exams are now available in the paper-based versions of French 1 and French 2.  The introduction of online exams in these two courses brings the total number of paper-based courses with online exams to 44, which is more than half the American School's paper-based curriculum.  We hope that you will take advantage of our online learning offerings as you work toward your accredited high school diploma.

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American School Earns MSA-CESS Accreditation

The American School is proud to announce our new accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools/Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS).  The Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools accredit early-childhood through post-secondary, non-degree granting public, private, faith-based educational institutions including special purpose schools, supplementary education centers, learning services providers, and distance education institutions.  We are pleased that MSA-CESS has joined Ai and NCPSA in giving us triple accreditation.  Their accreditation ensures our students that they will receive quality education from the American School both now and for many years to come.