American School Announces Thanksgiving Schedule

American School will be closed Thursday, November 27, and Friday, November 28.  We will reopen with regular business hours on Monday, December 1.  Please know how much we enjoy serving you and how thankful we are for our students and graduates.  We wish you a safe and happy holiday weekend.

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Speak Up and Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The Speak Up National Research project annually polls K-12 students, parents and educators about the role of technology for learning in and out of school and represents the largest collection of authentic, unfiltered stakeholder voice on digital learning.  As we continue to add more online learning offerings to our curriculum, your opinions are more important than ever before. We invite you to complete the survey before December 19, 2014, by going to  When you’re on that site, you’ll see buttons representing your current role in education. Students should click the large green button, while parents are invited to click the smaller light blue button.  Once you have clicked the appropriate button, you should search for American School by entering our state, Illinois, or by entering our zip code, 60438. If you select state first, you will have to enter our name or town later. Either way, American School eventually will appear on your screen. After it does, select us from the school list and move on to the next screen.  When a screen asks for your grade, select grades 9-12, and when a screen asks you for a secret word, enter American exactly as it is typed in this article, with the A capitalized and the rest of the word in lowercase. Then you’ll have access to the survey.  The entire survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Please know that we value your opinion and look forward to receiving survey results in February 2015.  Just as important, please know also that no personal data will be collected during the survey, so feel free to be completely honest. Your input will help us create a better school not only for you but for future American School students and graduates.

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American School Releases New U.S. History and World Literature Courses

American School is proud to release new versions of our popular paper-based United States History and World Literature courses.  The new United States History course covers events from the first Native People groups settling in the Americas and the creation of the United States through the present. It provides opportunities for developing skills in comprehending, analyzing and interpreting how past historical events influence our present lives.  The new World Literature course gives students an overview of important literary works of the last 500 years representing a variety of countries and cultures. Students study how writers from different backgrounds use literary elements and techniques to convey meaning in their short stories, plays, poems and non-fictional works. Students write compare and contrast essays about characters, plot elements, and themes in a variety of literary works. The aim is for students to gain a historical and geographical context for literature and to learn to analyze literature by asking relevant questions as they read for the course and for their own pleasure.  ***Please note that, at this time, online exams are not available in these paper-based courses.  We hope to have online exams available for United States History and World Literature in early 2015.***  We hope our students will enjoy taking one or both of these courses, and we look forward to adding more courses to our curriculum before the end of the year.

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Flashback Friday

Yesterday we mentioned we hadn't done a Testimonial Thursday in awhile, and that reminded us we hadn't done a Flashback Friday in awhile either.  Today we go back in time to 1957, when the American School News had a big article on the dropout problem in the United States.  Sadly, the dropout problem still exists today, but our Independent Study Program helps students at local public and private high schools graduate on time.  You'll also notice that American School students submitted a record 1,632,472 exams during a 12-month period.  We don't know if that is still a record for students in our Independent Study, General High School and College Preparatory Programs, but we do know that we grade a great number of exams a year in both online and paper-based formats.  Finally, you may notice the picture in the center of the newsletter which featured a group of students who attended a career conference.  Career conferences and college fairs still exist, and we'll post some dates and locations on our Facebook and Twitter pages, but our students can also learn additional information about careers by logging into the Online Student Center, where a treasury of career videos await.  We hope you enjoy these Flashback Fridays as much as we enjoy presenting them to you.  We hope to have another one for you soon.


Testimonial Thursday

We haven't had a Testimonial Thursday in awhile, so let's do something about that.  Today Jacob from Michigan writes, "The instructors made comments that made me feel good.  Even when I was wrong, they did not make me feel stupid.  I really liked the Food Study course.  I earned better grades with American School than I did in the classroom."  We thank Jacob for those words.  Our instructors make comments on every exam they grade, whether they be paper exams, online exams in paper-based courses, or exams in courses that are taken entirely online.  Our instructors also will include correct answers to every missed question and page references where students can find more information about the questions they missed.  These are just two examples of how we try to make distance learning as personal as possible and two indicators of the type of service you'll receive after you enroll and become our student.

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American School Concludes 2014 Convention Schedule

Recently we wrapped up another year of attending conventions across the country, and it was one of our most successful years ever.  We met students, parents and school officials in Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona and Washington State and in many places in between.  Earlier this week we started to plan our 2015 convention schedule in earnest.  We'll be returning to some of the same places and same conventions we visited in 2014, but we'll be adding new places and new conventions too.  Keep reading this blog and checking our Facebook and Twitter pages to see where we're headed next year!

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Geography Awareness Week Happening Now

The National Geographic Society is celebrating Geography Awareness Week from November 16-22, and the site linked above has tons of resources for you to check out.  This week is also a good opportunity to make sure you're aware of our two Geography courses, one online and the other paper-based.  Taking either of them will help you become more familiar with the world around you and will bring you closer to earning your accredited high school diploma!

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American School Names Dr. Thomas Hurlburt Principal

American School is proud to name Dr. Thomas Hurlburt as principal.  Dr. Hurlburt brings to us many years of experience as a principal, superintendent and administrator, and we are confident he will be a great asset to our staff and more importantly to our students.  Whether you just enrolled or just sent us your last exam ever, you'll see Dr. Hulburt's signature on your diploma after you become one of our graduates.  We look forward to having him with us for years to come.  

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Today’s Birthday: Claude Monet

It's November 14, and painter Claude Monet was born on this date in 1840.  Monet was among the founders of the Impressionist movement, and his paintings of landscape scenes are known around the world.  You can get a head start on becoming the next Monet by taking our Art: Drawing Landscapes course.  You'll also earn a half-unit of credit toward your American School diploma. 

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American School Graduate Receives CPA License at Age 17

The September-October All American newsletter, which may be found on our Community page, introduced you to the Cespedes sisters, all of whom graduated from American School at a young age and attended Thomas Edison State College.  As stated in the article, second-oldest sibling Belicia recently passed the CPA exam, perhaps becoming the youngest person in the world to do so.  This week she received her CPA license, and this article and this article have all the details.  We congratulate Belicia and her sisters for their outstanding accomplishments.  We are proud to count them among our graduates.

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