American School Releases Updated Automotive Systems Course

For our final blog entry of 2014, we'll get your engines revved up with the announcement of a revised Automotive Systems course.  This course is designed for students with some knowledge of the inner workings of a car and who may want to have a career in the automotive industry.  As we said yesterday, we've accomplished a lot in 2014, but we have even bigger plans for 2015.  We'll be announcing those soon, so check back daily to see what we have in store.  Happy New Year!

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American School Releases Updated Understanding English 2 Course

We're closing out the year in style by releasing a pair of updated courses, one of which is Understanding English 2.  We're constantly revising and updating our paper-based courses to make them as interesting and informative as possible, and we have more revisions planned for next year.  Before we ring in 2015, though, check back tomorrow to see what other course got a little work done under the hood–and yes, that's a hint to the identity of that course!

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American School Graduate Jimmy Osmond Writes Children’s Book

We're proud to have members of the Osmond family as our students and graduates, even ones who might not be as famous as Donny and Marie.  One such Osmond is Jimmy Osmond, and he recently wrote a children's book entitled Awesome Possum Family Band, which is loosely based on his own musical family.  More information may be found in this article and on Jimmy's own web site.

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American School Announces Holiday Schedule

American School will operate under its normal business hours during the holidays EXCEPT for the following:

Friday, December 19: closing at 12 noon.

Wednesday, December 24, through Friday, December 26: closed all day.

Wednesday, December 31: closing at 12 noon.

Thursday, January 1: closed all day.

We enjoy spending time with our families this time of year as much as we enjoy serving our students all year long.  This schedule allows us to do a little of both during the holiday season.

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Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, so let's hear a testimonial from one of our students.  Just this week we heard from Alyson from Missouri who wrote, "Everything I have done so far has been clear and easy to understand.  The books are clearly written and done so in detail to where understanding it is simple.  The study guides are arranged in a way that you remember the material and are easy to go back and find any information needed.  American School’s books are beyond satisfactory and are the best books I have read explaining the material, better than public school's."  We thank Alyson for those words and appreciate that she noticed our efforts to provide top-quality study materials to our students.  We'll post similiar sentiments from satisfied students when Testimonial Thursday returns in 2015.

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American School Celebrates 117th Birthday

It's December 17, and on this date in 1897 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts granted a charter that proclaimed American School to be an "educational institution not for profit," a charter which has now guided us for 117 years.  When R.T. Miller and his friends began their study by mail program in Boston more than a century ago, they were ahead of their time, to be sure, but even they probably had no idea what shape it would take or just how far and wide their new school would one day reach.  More than a century later, and after shifts in educational offerings to adapt to the times and a move halfway across the country early in our existence, we are proud to say that we have helped more than three million students in more than 70 countries earn their high school diplomas.  Most of them have earned credits by taking courses through the mail, as R.T. Miller intended, but our recent students have begun to take online courses and online exams to help them earn credits.  We plan on offering many more online learning offerings in 2015 and beyond, but we have no plans to stop offering courses through the mail.  Offering courses in multiple formats allows us to educate students in the way that is most comfortable for them, and in our 117-year history, the needs of the student have always come first.  On our birthday, we're grateful to all of our students–past, present and future–as well as their parents, teachers, school officials and others who impact their educations.  We're also grateful for our employees.  Many of them are Double Decade Club members, which means they have been with us for at least 20 consecutive years, but all of them, whether they work in the instruction, curriculum, student service, admissions, accounting or shipping departments, are integral to the success of American School and its students.  Thanks to them and to you, we look forward to another 117 great years of offering accredited high school courses at an affordable cost!

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Today’s Birthday: Jane Austen

It's December 16, and author Jane Austen was born on this date in 1775.  Her book Pride and Prejudice is part of the curriculum in our Literature 4: Selected English Classics course and has been a long-time favorite of American School students and teen readers in general.  We are proud to include works from great authors like Jane Austen in our courses.  It's one example of the high quality of the curriculum you'll receive after you enroll and become our student.

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American School Releases Updated Physiology and Health Course

In addition to the new drawing kit we described in last Friday's blog, we also released an updated version of our paper-based Physiology and Health course last week.  The changes are minor, but we're willing to make minor changes to our courses to ensure we give our students the latest and most informative courses we can.  Keep checking this blog and our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest information on our courses. 

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American School Releases New Drawing Kits

Recently we changed the assortment of tools in our art courses' drawing kits to give students a wider range of graphite pencils and a better quality eraser and sharpener. The kits will now contain a kneaded eraser, a pencil sharpener, and 4 drawing pencils: 5B, 3B, HB, and 2H.  Please disregard the notes in the Art: Drawing Landscapes study guide on pages vi and x about drawing kits.  If one of the discussions or practice exercises in your books instructs you to use a specific pencil that is not included in the kit, use the pencil that comes closest in hardness or softness of lead to the pencil that is being recommended. You do not need the exact grade of lead named in the exercise, but you should use the pencil that comes closet to the recommended grade of lead.  For example: If you are asked to use a 4B pencil, but don’t have one you should use the 5B pencil. The goal is to create a very dark tone in your drawing, so you should use the softest grade lead that you have­.  If you have any questions about the materials you receive for the drawing courses, you can contact us by phone, mail or email.  Thank you.

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November-December All American Newsletter Available

The November-December All American newsletter is now available on the Community page of our web site.  This issue contains a profile of our new principal, Dr. Thomas Hurlburt, information on updated courses, features on students and graduates, and much more.  While you're at the Community page, scroll down to view an archive of All American newsletters.  We hope you've enjoyed the six newsletters we published in 2014.  We look forward to publishing our next newsletter in early 2015. 

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