Today’s Birthday: Emily Dickinson

It's December 10, and Emily Dickinson, perhaps the greatest American female poet in history, was born on this date in 1830.  We're proud to include many of her works in our half-unit Literature 3: Selected American Classics course.  The course is paper-based but it's one of many such courses with online exams.  For more information on Emily Dickinson herself and to get a sneak preview and the type of poems you might read should you enroll in Literature 3, visit the Emily Dickinson Museum.

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Today’s Birthday: Donny Osmond

It's December 9, and Donny Osmond was born on this date in 1957.  He, his brothers, and his sister Marie all were our students back in the 1970s, and we're proud to count them among our famous students and graduates.  You can read more about some of our famous students and graduates by visiting our Community page.  In reality, we treat all of our students as if they were famous.  Our caring student service and personal attention in distance education have been two of our hallmarks for more than a century, and we promise you the same after you enroll and become our student.

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Method Test Prep Monday

Our partners at Method Test Prep have a variety of live and recorded classes available in advance of the ACT exam this Saturday.  An all-access pass gives you access to four nights of classes, starting with tonight's science class and continuing with reading on Tuesday, English on Wednesday and math on Thursday.  Click here for registration information, and don't forget to enter AMERICAN as your promo code to receive a special discount.


Today’s Birthday: Martin Van Buren

It's December 5, and Martin Van Buren, the eighth President of the United States, was born on this date in 1782.  Before he won the election of 1836, Van Buren was governor of New York, but only briefly, holding the office for just more than two months before then-President Andrew Jackson appointed him Secretary of State.  Van Buren would go on to serve as Jackson's Vice-President during Jackson's second term before serving one presidential term of his own.  Besides being immortalized in the "Van Buren Boys" episode of Seinfeld, Martin Van Buren may be responsible for introducing a common phrase you probably say every day.  Van Buren was a native of Kinderhook, New York, and his nickname was Old Kinderhook.  Legend has it that, instead of signing his full name or even his full nickname to indicate his approval of a document, Van Buren would simply write "OK" and move on.  You can learn more about Martin Van Buren here and here, and if you're ready for a homeschool experience that's better than simply OK, we encourage you to enroll with us today!

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American School Begins Planning 2015 Convention Schedule

We're a little less than a month away from 2015, but we're already starting to think about next year, including what conventions we'll attend.  A number of factors determine whether or not we attend a convention, including number of attendees, size of the exhibit hall, geographic location and placement on our calendar.  We return to events that have been successful in the past and make an effort to attend conventions we've never visted before.  We also make an effort to go to different parts of the country, which is why we've been to all four corners of the continental United States in the past two years and have attended events in Alaska and Hawaii in the more distant past.  We've even proved we're internationally relevant by attending an event in Canada a few years ago.  We're excited about our tentative 2015 schedule.  It's not finalized yet, which means we have room to add some conventions if we so choose.  Keep checking this blog and our Facebook and Twitter pages early next year to see where we're headed first. 

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Today’s Birthday: The State of Illinois

It's December 3, and our home state turns 196 years old today.  Illinois became the 21st state on this day in 1818 and became home to American School in 1902.  We were founded in Boston in 1897 but moved here five years later at the invitation of the Armour Institute, which today is the Illinois Institute of Technology.  We're proud to call Illinois our home and proud to be recognized as a non-public high school by the state's board of education. We have held this distinction since 1978, when we became the first home-study school to be recognized in this way.  You can read more about this designation and others by visiting our Accreditations and Affiliations page.

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Today’s Anniversary: The Environmental Protection Agency

It's December 2, and on this date in 1970, the Environmental Protection Agency, often known as the EPA, began operations.  If you're interested in the environment, consider taking our online or paper-based Environmental Science course.  You'll earn one unit of credit toward your accredited high school diploma and learn how you can help the EPA conserve and protect the environment.

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Today’s Special Occasion: Cyber Monday

It's the Monday after Thanksgiving, and in the tradition of Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, today is often called Cyber Monday because it's the day on which many online retailers offer huge sales.  It seems like the perfect occasion to highlight our online learning offerings, all of which are available to you at an affordable cost.  We've greatly expanded our online learning offerings in the past year, and we have even bigger plans for later this year and into 2015.  As for cost, we are a non-profit insitution, so we are able to keep our costs to an absolute minimum.  We also offer flexible monthly payment plans for students in our diploma programs, and monthly payments start at $75.  Individual courses usually run between $150 and $300.  The best deal you can find online today is right on this web site.  Enroll with us and let us help you earn your accredited high school diploma!

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