Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, so we're pleased to offer our first testimonial of 2015.  Today Miles from Massachusetts writes, "American School’s use of instructors, textbooks and study guides were all very satisfactory.  They helped teach me to be very independent and self-reliant, which are two skills that are very necessary for me to have in life."  We thank Miles for those words.  We work hard to provide the best study materials for our students, whether they be enrolled in our online courses or our paper-based courses.  We also allow students to work independently and at their own pace.  While our instructors available to answer questions via phone, email or letter, our courses are designed to be self-taught.  As Miles mentioned, learning to be independent and self-reliant will serve our students well while they work on their American School courses and after they have received their accredited high school diplomas.  Get your year off to a good start by enrolling today! 

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American School Prepares for Next Major Announcement

Last week we announced our the launch of our new Rosetta Stone world language courses, but at that time we said we're not stopping there when it comes to offering more courses and services to our students this year.  In fact, we're meeting this morning to discuss the final details of our next major announcement.  Keep checking this blog and our Facebook and Twitter pages for more details!

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American School’s Partnership with Rosetta Stone Gains Momentum

A week ago we formally announced our partnership with Rosetta Stone, and so far we have heard many good comments from students, parents and school officials.  Before the partnership, we weren't able offer world language courses like Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and many more, but now we have ten online world language courses in our curriculum.  Check them out and become one of the first students to enroll in these new courses!

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Method Test Prep Monday

It's our first Method Test Prep Monday of 2015, and today we want to give you a couple weeks' notice on Method Test Prep's ACT Prep Week.  Method Test Prep has a general information sessions on January 29, followed by nightly sessions on English, Math, Reading and Science scheduled for February 2-5.  More information can be found by clicking the links on our ACT-SAT Prep page, and if you choose to enroll, don't forget to enter the code AMERICAN in all caps to receive a special discount.  We are pleased to offer you Method Test Prep's courses if you need additional preparation to do your best on your ACT or SAT.


Flashback Friday

This week we've spent a lot of time discussing the new things American School is doing, particularly our Rosetta Stone courses, which are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the online learning offerings we have planned for this year.  At the same time, we don't want to neglect our glorious history, which is why we'll continue to do Flashback Fridays as our schedule allows.  Here's a newsletter from 60 years ago.  At that time, we were launching a new industrial training program to help workers at industrial plants.  Notice that American School always adapts with the times to offer whatever is needed at that particular moment in history, while still maintaining our core values of cost, curriculum, caring student service and credibility.  We've also had many inspirational students over the years, including the courageous young lady pictured near the top of the newsletter.  We are happy to serve all of our students but are particularly understanding of those with health issues.  Our ability to allow students to work at their own pace is a benefit to all of our students, but especially to them.  We hope you've enjoyed this brief look back in time as you peruse our web site to see the exciting things we offer today and plan to offer in the future.


American School Conducts Employee Evaluations

American School is in the process of conducting annual employee evaluations.  Each employee meets with his or her supervisor to discuss the past year's activities and plan goals for the upcoming year.  Even supervisors receive evaluations!  While one goal of the evaluation process is to help employees improve, the students who take our courses, along with their support system either at home or at a resident high school, are the ones who benefit from the employee evaluation process the most.  By having better-trained employees, we are able to provide more of the caring student service that has been our hallmark for more than a century.

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American School Releases Further Updates to Understanding English 2 Course

Last week we announced updates to our Understanding English 2 course, but that was literally half the story.  We completed updates to Units 1-4 of that course a week ago and this week completed updates to Units 5-8.  Now the entire course is new and improved and ready for you to add to your curriculum.  While you work on your English language skills, you may want to improve your world language skills too.  Don't forget about our online world language courses offered through Rosetta Stone.  We just introduced those yesterday and have had several people already express interest in them.  Adding or revising courses both in paper-based and online formats ensures that our students have the best possible curriculum in a format that is most comfortable for them.  Enroll today and take advantage of these courses for yourself! 

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American School Offers Rosetta Stone World Language Courses

American School is pleased to announce a partnership with Rosetta Stone that will allow American School students to add any of ten online courses to their curricula, including much-requested courses such as Mandarin Chinese, English as a Second Language and German.  A complete list of available Rosetta Stone courses may be found on the Online Learning and World Languages pages of our web site.  We are excited to offer these courses to our students and look forward to adding many more online courses soon.  

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Students Encouraged to Enter Radon Video Contest

From time to time we like to make our students aware of opportunities to enter local, state and national contests.  Today is one such day.  The American Lung Association, in cooperation with several other groups, is sponsoring the 2015 Illinois High School Radon Video Contest.  Illinois high school students working alone or in groups are invited to create a one-minute commercial-style video or public service announcement  that will increase public education of radon gas and encourage Illinois residents to test their homes. Monetary prizes will be given to the top ten videos, including $1000 to the first place participants; $750 to second place; $500 to third place; and $250 to seven honorable mention videos.  Click here for more information, including complete contest rules.

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Happy New Year from American School!

It's our first day of work for 2015, and we wish all of you a very happy and healthy new year.  In our final blog of 2014, we mentioned that we have several big announcements planned for 2015, and we're not going to waste any time with those.  Check back early next week for the first announcement of what is shaping up to be a milestone year for us and our students! 

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