March-April All American Newsletter Available

We made it just in time!  The March-April All American newsletter is now available at the link above or by going to the Community page of this site.  This newsletter continues a recap of our big online diploma program debut from earlier this month, as well as information about our online learning offerings and profiles of two famous graduates.  Check it out!

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Today’s Birthday: Andre Agassi

It's April 29, and another of our famous graduates has a birthday today.  Andre Agassi turns 45 years old today, and he is the most accomplished of several tennis players who have taken courses with us.  Besides the 8-time Grand Slam champion, tennis stars Kathleen Horvath, Andrea Jaeger, Anna Kournikova, Mary Pierce, Phillip Simmonds and Anna Tatishvili have also been American School students.  We consider it our "net" gain to have them as our students and look forward to having you as our student as well!

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Today’s Birthday: Jessica Alba

It's April 28, and former American School student Jessica Alba turns 34 years old today.  Since taking courses with us, Jessica has become one of the most recognizable actresses in the world and is among our most famous students, but all of our students get the red carpet treatment after they enroll.  Our instructors write detailed feedback on students' exams and make concerted efforts to call students by name whenever they correspond with them.  Our online and paper-based courses allow students to learn in a way that is comfortable to them.  Finally, we are a non-profit institution, so cost is kept to an absolute minimum.  Visit our enrollment page to learn how you can follow in Jessica's footsteps as an American School student!

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Method Test Prep Monday

We're overdue for a Method Test Prep Monday blog, and so today we choose to feature an interview with a Method Test Prep vice-president.  In the video, he describes changes coming to the SAT that are particularly important to the class of 2017 and beyond.  Visit our ACT-SAT Prep page to learn more about Method Test Prep's services and to enroll in one of their classes. 


Today’s Special Occasion: National Arbor Day

It's April 24, and we're wrapping up our week of special occasions with National Arbor Day, which is annually celebrated on the last Friday in April.  After you take this quiz to determine what kind of tree you are, you may be in the mood to take exams that count for credit toward your accredited high school diploma.  If you like drawing trees and other outdoor scenes, why not take our Drawing Landscapes course?  Upon finishing it, you'll have a greater appreciation for trees, improved drawing skills, and another half unit of credit toward your diploma!

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Yesterday’s Special Occasion: Administrative Professionals’ Day

Earlier this week we said that we'd do our best to recognize all of the special occasions happening this week even though we may be off a day or two in our blog posts.  Yesterday, when there was no blog, we had Earth Day, which we discussed on Tuesday, and Administrative Professionals' Day, which we'll discuss today.  Often in these blogs we'll mention our instructors, since they are the ones who grade students' exams.  We'll also mention our student service staff, our admissions department, our shipping department, our curriculum writers and editors, and our accounting staff.  Our administrative professionals, however, are just as important to our overall operation and to the success of our students as any other group.  They help keep the office organized and running smoothly so that we can serve you in the most efficient way possible.  Although we're a day late, we thank them for their work and wish them continued success as they serve students all around the world. 

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Tomorrow’s Special Occasion: Earth Day

It's April 21, but we're looking forward to tomorrow and the annual celebration of Earth Day.  There are countless things we can do to preserve our planet, and you can learn even more by taking our paper-based Environmental Science course.  If you want the same content but wish to go a little greener, you can take our online Environmental Science course instead.  Both are worth one unit of credit and will get you one step closer to your accredited high school diploma. 

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Today’s Special Occasion: Patriots Day

This week's blog posts will be slightly different.  We have several special occasions on the calendar, including a couple on the same day, and it's possible there will be one day without a blog post, so if we're off by a day when it comes to recognizing a special occasion, you know why.  Each year the third Monday in April is celebrated as Patriots Day in New England.  The first shots of the American Revolution were fired on April 19, 1775 near Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, and the anniversary of that occasion is celebrated today in many of the original thirteen colonies.  Annual events on Patriots Day include a Boston Red Sox home game starting at 11:05 in the morning local time and the Boston Marathon, which attracts runners from all 50 states and all corners of the world.  American School allows you to run your marathon of 18 accredited high school courses at a pace that is comfortable to you.  You can be a sprinter and finish high school early or you can spread out your courses to cover the entire 4 years.  The choice is entirely yours.  Enroll today and you can look forward to crossing the finish line with your accredited high school diploma! 

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Shulamit Ran Approaches Retirement

American School graduate Shulamit Ran is approaching retirement after many years of service to the University of Chicago and its students.  This past week the University of Chicago celebrated her career with various concerts and ceremonies.  You can read more about her and other distinguished alumni, as well as get a recap of all of our latest news, but checking out next issue of the All American newsletter, which should be available within the next two weeks.

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Today’s Birthday: Gary R. Masterton

It's April 16, and American School President Gary R. Masterton celebrates a birthday today.  The best present that you can give him is, in a sense, to return the gift that he and the rest of American School's staff gave to you last week.  You can enroll in our new online diploma program, our traditional paper-based diploma program or in individual courses for credit recovery or enrichment purposes.  All of our courses and diploma programs are accredited, so you can take as many as you need, in whatever format you choose, to earn your accredited high school diploma.  If you earn our diploma, it will be signed by our principal and by Mr. Masterton himself.