Organ/Tissue Donor Awareness Student Poster Contest Announced

The Illinois Secretary of State's office has announced details about its 2016 Organ/Tissue Donor Awareness Student Poster Contest.  The contest is open to students who reside in the state of Illinois and are in grades K-12.  Additional information is available here and on the application below.  We encourage those students who live in Illinois, have an artistic flair and believe in organ/tissue donation to enter this contest, and we will do our best to notify you of similar contests both in our home state and around the country.


Today’s Anniversary: American School Blogger

It's September 15, and on this date in 1998, the person who regularly writes this blog started at American School.  We keep his or her identity secret, though if you're a regular reader of this blog, you may be able to pick up where he or she went to college and get hints about some of his or her favorite people, places and things, many of which are directly related to American School.  A lot has happened here in the past 17 years, most notably the strides we've made online.  In 1998, we were strictly a correspondence school, but now we offer paper-based and online diploma programs, not to mention online exams in paper-based courses.  The Online Student Center and Online Counselor Office help us communicate with students, parents and school officials.  Our Facebook and Twitter pages and this very blog are other effective forms of communication.  Some things, however, haven't changed in the past 17 years.  We are more dedicated than ever when it comes to offering the accredited high school courses you need at a cost you can afford, and  we do our best to ensure that no student is denied the opportunity to receive a high school education because of financial issues.  We also continue to take our accreditation very seriously and are proud to be accredited by three reputable accrediting bodies and recognized as a non-public school by our home state of Illinois.  All of us, whether we've been employed by American School for 17 days, 17 months, 17 years, or even longer than that as have many of our employees, look forward to serving you after you enroll and become our student.

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President Obama To Announce Changes to Financial Aid Process

President Barack Obama will announce changes to the financial aid process this week.  Full details may be found in this official White House press release.  Keep in mind that many of these changes will not go into effect until 2016, but you can contact our school counselor at any time if you need advice in completing the most current version of your FAFSA.  

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Remembering September 11, 2001

Today we are pausing to remember the events of September 11, 2001.  We remember those who lost their lives and whose families still grieve their loss.  We remember the police officers, firefighters and first responders who were on the scene in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.  Finally, we remember the members of our armed forces and government who devote their lives to serving our country.  Because of them and many others throughout history, we are proud to have the word "American" as part of our name.  


Today’s Birthday: Arnold Palmer

It's September 10, and golfer Arnold Palmer turns 86 years old today.  His career includes seven major championships, including four wins at the Masters, but he had a far greater impact off the course.  Because of his everyman roots in middle-class Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Arnold Palmer took golf out of elite country clubs and brought it to commoners.  His legions of fans were called Arnie's Army and led to him receiving many endorsements.  He even had a drink named after him.  An Arnold Palmer is half iced tea and half lemonade!  To this day people send him items to be autographed, and whenever Arnold Palmer signs something, he signs his name very legibly so that his signature can be read easily.  When you look at an item autographed by Arnold Palmer, whether it's a golf ball, a photograph, or a can of the drink that bears his name, there's no doubt Arnold Palmer signed it.  Try to keep that in mind when you send us your examinations or other documents that need our attention.  We have students from all across the country and all around the world, and sometimes other students have the same name as you do.  That's why it's very important to print your name and student number clearly on everything you send to us, starting with your enrollment application.  Doing so will allow us to provide you the kind of service you deserve as you work toward your accredited high school diploma.

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Jobs at American School, Part 2

We're picking up where we left off yesterday with our descriptions of various jobs at American School, and now we're up on the second floor.  When your exams arrive here, they start their journey in the Student Service Department, where envelopes are opened and exams are sorted by subject.  That's just one of many tasks performed by Student Service.  Other common tasks include sending supplies and answering phone calls and emails from students and parents.  After exams are sorted, they get sent to the exam distribution office, where they are given to instructors.  The Instruction Department, headed by the Principal, is comprised of instructors whose primary job is to grade exams, but they also assist in projects spearheaded by the Curriculum Department, which is also located upstairs.  The Curriculum Department designs courses, edits study guides and assists in writing exams, among other tasks.  The Accounting Department is located nearby, and that's where payments are processed and records of those payments are kept.  The upstairs is also home to our School Counselor, our public relations and marketing staff and our President.  We hope you've enjoyed this tour of American School and some of its jobs.  All of us are committed to giving you the accredited high school courses you need, at a cost you can afford, and we are grateful to have you as our students!

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Jobs at American School, Part 1

On the first two days after Labor Day, we thought it would be nice to familiarize you with the various jobs performed at American School on a daily basis.  Keep in mind that these are not the only tasks our employees perform, but it is our hope that these blogs will allow you to become more familiar with what happens here, especially if you just enrolled and are new to us.  Today we'll discuss what occurs on the first floor and in the basement, and tomorrow we'll go upstairs to check out the second floor.   On the first floor we have our receptionist who answers phone calls, greets visitors and performs other tasks.  When you submit your application, it gets processed by the Admissions Department, and our newly-formed Transcript Department assists them by evaluating transcripts from students who already have high school credit.  On the other side of the floor we have the Purchasing Department which handles ordering books, office supplies and more.  The Student Service Department has a handful of employees downstairs to assist students who may come to our building to receive help.  Our Independent Study division, which assists thousands of schools across the country, is also on the first floor, as is our Shipping Department and book warehouse.  Whenever you need new paper-based course materials, they get packaged and shipped from that department.  In the basement we have plenty of storage, but nothing we have stored is more valuable than our student records, and those are managed by our Files Department.  We have information from millions of students, but we have room for millions more.  If you are curious what's on the second floor, be sure to read tomorrow's blog!

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American School Celebrates College Colors Day

Once again this year American School is celebrating College Colors Day in honor of the start of the college football season.  Around the building, employees are wearing blue and gold, green and white, red and white, orange and white, blue and white, black and gold, blue and gray, and a variety of other color combinations to support their alma maters or favorite college or university.  When it comes time for you to pick your college colors, don't forget that our school counselor can assist with the college application process.  We wish you a happy and safe weekend and will have our next blog on Tuesday.

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Anna Tatishvili Falls in Second Round of U.S. Open

American School graduate Anna Tatishvili's dream of winning this year's U.S. Open ended yesterday when she lost to fellow American Madison Brengle, 6-3, 6-2, in the second round, but Anna's three qualifying tournament wins and convincing first round win over 8th-seeded Karolina Pliskova signify a return to prominence for the rising tennis star.  We wish Anna the best as she competes in the women's doubles portion of the tournament and look forward to reporting further on her career in 2016.

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American School Closed Monday, September 7

American School will be closed Monday, September 7, in observance of Labor Day.  We will reopen with our normal business hours on Tuesday, September 8.  We wish you a happy and safe weekend.

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