Today’s Special Occasion: The Ides of March

It's March 15, and on the ancient Roman calendar, today was known as the Ides of March.  It's the fateful day on which Julius Caesar was assassinated after being forewarned that such a catastrophe could happen.  There's no reason for you to beware the Ides of March or any other date on the calendar if you're taking our Latin 1 course.  It's a great way to learn about Roman culture and learn about a language that is far from dead.  In fact, Latin is perfect for those interested in becoming doctors or lawyers because so many terms in the medical and legal professions are in Latin.  Even if you don't want to become a doctor or lawyer, Latin can help you brush up on your English skills because so many English words are derived from Latin.  If Latin isn't your thing, don't worry.  We have many other world language courses including ten from Rosetta Stone.  Take them as part of your high school diploma program or on an individual basis.  If you want to earn a high school diploma at home, we invite you to make it an Ides of March to remember and enroll today!

Today’s Special Occasion: Pi Day

It's March 14, sometimes abbreviated 3-14, and that abbreviation is crucial to understanding why we're celebrating Pi Day today.  Pi is a never-ending mathematical ratio which is very close to 3.14, so you can see why we celebrate pi on 3-14.  You can learn all about pi by taking math courses as part of our high school diploma program or as individual courses through our independent study high school.  We know many math courses aren't as easy as pie, so we have a whole team of instructors and support staff waiting to assist you whenever you need help.  They're another reason why so many students have taken our online high school courses or high school correspondence courses over the years, and we're grateful for our students and staff.  Make this a Pi Day to remember and enroll today! 

Student Handbook Now Available

Current and future American School students and their families may now access the 2016 American School Student Handbook on our web site.  Click here to download your copy.  We plan to update the document once a year but may update it more frequently should new policies be introduced.  If a new policy is introduced and the handbook is changed, we will notify you of the changes in this blog and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  We hope you will find the information in the student handbook useful as you continue working toward your accredited high school diploma.

Testimonial Thursday

We haven't done a Testimonial Thursday blog in awhile, so let's change that today.  Jessica from Illinois writes, "The comments are very encouraging.  I feel like the instructors care and at the same time I don’t feel pressured to learn faster than I’m comfortable.  The entire program is fantastic and the material is stated in a way that can be actually applied to real life."  We thank Jessica for her thoughts.  Our instructors try to make distance learning as personal as possible, which is why they call students by name when they grade exams in accredited high school correspondence courses or accredited online high school courses.  Caring student service is one reason why people make us their distance education school and enroll in our high school diploma program or in individual courses for credit recovery or enrichment.  Enroll today and experience the same benefits as Jessica and all of our students!

American School to Attend ISCA Conference

American School is back on the road this week, but it's a short drive to the Illinois School Counselor Association Conference in downstate Springfield.  We'll be at the Crowne Plaza Springfield all day Friday, March 11, talking to counselors about our accredited high school courses and how they can use us as an independent study high school.  For years counselors in Illinois and around the country have used our accredited online high school courses and high school correspondence courses for credit recovery or enrichment purposes, and we hope even more will join us after the ISCA event on Friday.

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Today’s Special Occasion: International Women’s Day

Today is International Women's Day, and so it's a good time to thank all of our female employees past and present for their hard work over the years.  So many women have been instrumental in creating our high school diploma program which consists of 18 accredited high school courses that it would be nearly impossible to list them all in this single blog entry.  Countless others have worked in the student service, admissions and accounting departments and elsewhere in our building, and all of them are very important in helping American School be the best distance education high school we can be.  That includes branching out and offering online high school courses and online middle school courses to complement our high school correspondence courses as we have done in recent years.  We hope you will join the outstanding women (and men) who work at American School and let us serve you as you continue your education.  Enroll today!

American School Partners With Parchment

American School recently began offering a new way for students to order transcripts.  Paper or electronic transcripts are now available through Parchment at a cost of $5 to $7.55 for electronic transcripts and $9.25 for a paper transcript.  More information on Parchment may be found in the Online Student Center and on our web site’s FAQ page.  Both places have the button below which you may click to begin the Parchment ordering process.  If you prefer to order transcripts the old-fashioned way, you still can do that.  Parchment is simply another way for us to effectively serve you, and we hope you will use it or the previous method of requesting a transcript whenever you need a transcript sent to yourself or the college or university of your choice. 


Today’s Birthday: Chicago

It's March 4, and on this date in 1837, the city of Chicago was incorporated.  Chicagoland has been our home for more than a century, but the city itself was our home for more than 90 years.  In fact, if you visit the campus of the University of Chicago, you'll see our former building amidst modern medical facilities.  We became a leading distance education high school during our time in Chicago, and many people earned a correspondence high school diploma during those decades in which we called the Windy City home.  Since we've been in the south suburbs, we've expanded our curriculum and now offer online high school courses and online middle school courses.  No matter where you live, either in Chicago, in a suburb, or on the other side of the world, we have the courses you need at a cost you can afford.  Enroll today! 

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Today’s Special Occasion: Texas Independence Day

It's March 2, and on this date in 1836, Texas declared its independence from Mexico and formed a republic.  The occasion is remembered as Texas Independence Day and gives us a chance to talk about our trips to the Lone Star State.  We've attended several homeschool and counseling conventions in Texas in the past and will attend two events in Texas this year, the first in May and the second in July.  We'll be featuring our accredited high school courses and our new accredited middle school courses and are looking forward to meeting as many Texans as possible.  Check this blog next week to see where we're headed next!

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Chicago Tribune Prints Pro-Homeschooling Commentary

Recently the Chicago Tribune printed a pro-homeschooling commentary, and we'd like to share that with you here.  We know you have many choices when it comes to how you educate your child, and we're grateful for your interest in our accredited high school courses and accredited middle school courses.  We're happy to help your family and invite you to enroll your child today. 

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