American School Blog Returns

After being down for the count due to a power outage the past two days, American School's blog is back!  Hopefully you've missed our posts as much as we've missed writing them.  There's a lot going on here lately, not the least of which is the launch of online middle school courses that can be taken individually or as part of an accredited middle school program for grades 6 through 8.  There are other exciting things planned for the fall as we expand our online high school courses to offer you the best online high school courses around.  You'll be the first to know if you continue to read this blog.  Our return to blogging is a good time to let you know about some days that we will not have blogs in July.  Next week there will not be blogs on July 4 and July 6.  The following week there will not be blogs on July 13, July 14 and July 15.  We'll resume our normal daily blogs on July 18.  Thank you for reading our blog and for letting us be your distance education high school and middle school.

American School Operating on Limited Resources

As of 7 a.m. CDT on Monday, June 27, American School is operating on limited resources.  Computers and the internet seem to work, but phones, air conditioning and other power outlets in various places in the building do not work at this time.  We hope to have the problem fixed soon and will keep you posted as best we can.  Until the problem is fixed, it appears we will not be able to make or receive phone calls, including contacting prospective students who requested phone calls from us.  Those prospective students who requested information about our accredited high school program or new online middle school courses instead will receive a reply via email asking them to email us their questions.  We will reply to those emails as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your patience.

New U.S. History Course Available

American School is pleased to announce the release of a new paper-based United States History course.  It's one of many high school correspondence courses available for students who wish to earn a correspondence high school diploma.  We also offer the best online high school courses which may be taken to earn an online high school diploma for adults or children.  Don't go down in history as someone who didn't earn a high school diploma.  Enroll today!


Today’s Anniversary: Walking Across the Grand Canyon

It's June 23, and on this date in 2013, Nik Wallenda became the first man to walk across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope.  We have had members of the Wallenda family and other circus peformers as our students over the years.  They appreciate the flexibility of being able to earn a high school diploma at home or on the road, when and where it's convenient for them.  All of our students have those benefits as well as the ability to choose how they study, either by earning a correspondence high school diploma or a diploma comprised of online high school courses.  No matter which course delivery method they choose, our students have the support of our entire staff.  We know that sometimes doing schoolwork can be as scary as walking on a tightrope across the Grand Canyon, but our staff is a safety net and ensure they reach their ultimate goal of finishing their high school diploma program.  If you want your diploma, take the first step and enroll today! 

Reminder About Online Courses

We're grateful to have so many new students in our accredited online high school courses and accredited online middle school courses, but we wish to offer the following reminder.  Once your application has been received, we must process the application, enter your personal information and financial information into our system, and then place you in a section of the online course.  The whole process takes a little bit of time, and so you will not receive instant access to your online courses right after you enroll.  You should, however, be ready to begin your online courses within a week of submitting your enrollment application.  Thank you for your cooperation and for enrolling in a school offering individual middle school or high school courses, a full middle school program and an online high school diploma for adults or children.  We are happy to have you as our students!

American School Middle School Program Continues to Grow

Our accredited middle school program has been a huge success since its introduction earlier this year.  With the traditional start of a new school year fast approaching, interest in our online middle school courses continues to grow.  We are happy to offer middle school courses in core areas such as English, math, science and social studies, as well as specialty areas such as careers, fine arts and world language.  As with our accredited high school program, students work entirely at their own pace and may enroll in individual courses for enrichment or take an entire year's worth of classes.  Tuition is affordable, and monthly payment plans are available for students who enroll for an entire year's worth of courses.  For more information, click the link above or send us an email.  We look forward to having you or a family member as our student.

Today’s Special Occasion: The First Day of Summer

It's June 20, and today is the first day of summer.  Most schools are closed for the summer, but not us.  You can enroll in our high school diploma program or new accredited middle school program year-round and work on your accredited high school correspondence courses, accredited online high school courses and accredited online middle school courses while you sit at the beach this summer.  We're grateful to have you as our student in winter, spring, summer and fall, before summer is over, we'll have even more courses and services for you.  Keep checking this blog for details!    

Happy Father’s Day from American School

American School sends Father's Day best wishes to fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and sons who are instrumental in helping a loved one earn a high school diploma at home.  Our students are grateful for your involvement in their lives, and we are grateful to have you supporting our students.

American School Corporation Approves New By-Laws

This week at a special meeting American School's corporate members voted unanimously to approve new by-laws for American School as written by American School's Board of Trustees.  These by-laws will allow American School to operate more effectively as we enter an exciting time in our nearly 120-year history.  Earlier this year we launched online middle school courses and an accredited middle school program to go along with our accredited high school program.  We have more exciting news planned for this fall.  Keep checking our blog and Facebook and Twitter pages for more information. 

American School Holds 78th Scholarship Meeting

Yesterday American School held its 78th annual Scholarship Committee Meeting.  Permanent committee members and American School trustees Dr. John Kemp and Cher Tufly were joined by this year's guest committee member, David Smith, a former public school superintendent, to select this year's winners.  Eighteen American School graduates will receive a total of $21,000 in scholarships, and we'll profile them in the July-August All American newsletter.  These individuals wanted to earn a high school diploma at home and did just that by using our college preparatory program or general high school diploma program.  Special thanks to our school counselor Amanda Giordano for coordinating this year's scholarship process.  Applications for our 2017 scholarships will be sent to eligible graduates early next year.