Reminder About Requesting Transcripts

One of the most common questions we receive is how a student or graduate may request a transcript.  In fact, it's asked so frequently that we put the answer to that question on our Frequently Asked Questions page.  There are various options and price points available for your convenience.  We are grateful to have you as a part of our general high school or college preparatory program and appreciate you wanting to earn a high school diploma at home through paper-based or online high school courses. 

American School Graduate Continues Entertainment Career

For the second day in a row we're proud to feature an American School graduate in our blog.  Today we share a letter from the parents of Mabelle Davison, a young lady who decided to earn a high school diploma at home and graduated with a diploma from an accredited high school program three weeks ago.

We are a family of professional circus performers, magicians and comedy-variety entertainers.  We entertain at venues of every description: circuses, fairs, theaters, cruise ships, TV, amusement parks, etc.

Mabelle was born into the circus in 1996.  At age two she was performing in the center ring and in ice shows and on cruise ships.  She sat on Dad's shoulders as he rode his unicycle around the floor.  At age three her grandparents gave her a tiny unicycle for her birthday and by her fourth birthday she was featured as "The World's Youngest Professional Unicyclist!"  She caught the eye of Arnold Schwarzenegger and was featured, along with her family, in the "Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Expo" in Columbus, Ohio.

Later, at age five, she appeared on worldwide television on "Sabado Gigante!" on Univision, then again at age eight on "Steve Harvey's BIG TIME!" on the Warner Brothers Network.  While working at a theater in Branson, Missouri, Mabelle learned an act with Hula Hoops and is now known as "The Texas Tornado!"

She liked homeschooling, for one thing, because it allowed her to travel and work with her parents.  In addition, when at home in Texas in the winter time, Mabelle loves her room and home study meant that she could enjoy the privacy of her own quarters.

Mabelle is very proud of her high school diploma from American School.  It represents the fact that she worked hard and exercised the discipline necessary to maintain good study habits and accomplish her goals.

She has been accepted at the Institute for American Musical Theatre (IAMT) in New York City and class begins there on August 29th.  She became enamored of life in Manhattan when she worked with her family in the Big Apple Circus and they had their motorhome parked next to the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center for three months.  She is excited about the opportunities she will have at school, learning the skills to work on Broadway right in the heart of the industry!

Mabelle also plans to continue her education and will study psychology in the future, too.

We thank the Davisons for their letter and congratulate Mabelle on her educational and entertainment achievements.  We know she'll continue to be a success in the future!

American School Graduate Appears on “Windy City Live”

American School graduate Marcus Freeman recently was featured on "Windy City Live" in Chicago, where he showed off some of the delicious desserts he creates as owner of Signature Sweets Factory in South Holland, Illinois, which is just west of American School's offices.  We are proud of Marcus and happy he chose to earn a high school diploma at home with us.  He is proof that you can have your dream career after you earn an online high school diploma or a correspondence high school diploma from American School, and we encourage others to follow in Marcus's footsteps and enroll with us today. 

Today’s Anniversary: The Sewing Machine

It's August 12, and on this date in 1851, Isaac Singer received a patent for the sewing machine.  You don't need a sewing machine to complete our Clothing course, but you may find it handy when you take the last exam in that subject since you'll be completing a small sewing project from a sewing kit provided with the course.  Clothing is one of several specialty courses we offer in fields such as Business, Career and Technical Education, Fine Arts and World Languages.  Many of them are online high school courses, but all of them can be taken as part of our general high school program or college preparatory program.  We also offer online middle school courses in those subject areas that may be taken individually or as part of a full-year accredited middle school program.  Enroll today!  We would be "sew" glad to have you or a family member as our student!


Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, and that's the day we post testimonials from our students who earn a high school diploma at home.  Just yesterday we received the following letter and wish to share it with you today. 

Hello American School,

I recently graduated from American School June 2016 and wanted to let you know of a personal journey for myself.  I've accomplished a lot in my life.  I own a nice home as well as other properties, own nice vehicles, and went to college and one thing was missing.  I didn't have my high school diploma.  Please tell all of the young students how important it is to get their high school diploma….because no matter how far one goes in life they will have to go back and get it one day.

The staff at American School was professional, available and kind through out my enrollment.

Thank you!

We enjoy receiving letters like that and are appreciative of those remarks.  The letter is a good reminder that you're never too old to get an online high school diploma or correspondence high school diploma.  Take the first step toward getting yours and enroll today! 

American School Releases New Drawing Landscapes Course

Summer is winding down, and perhaps you've taken a few trips to the beach or your favorite national park.  Fall is approaching, and perhaps you're looking forward to trees changing colors.  If you like the outdoors and its spectacular scenery and also like to draw, consider taking our brand new Drawing Landscapes course.  It's the perfect addition to your accredited high school program or may be taken individually for enrichment or as part of our independent study high school program.  Enroll today and you could be one step closer to graduating by the time the landscapes become snow-covered this winter!

Today’s Birthday: Smokey Bear

It's August 9, and Smokey Bear turns 72 years old today.  OK, so the Smokey Bear we celebrate today isn't a real bear, but he did appear in advertisements for the first time on this date in 1944, and he's been instrumental in preventing forest fires and encouraging wilderness safety ever since.  Occasionally people will ask us if American School has a mascot similar to Smokey Bear.  Sadly, we do not, though it would be interesting to have an costumed eagle or owl or other animal in our booth at conventions when we promote our high school correspondence courses, online high school courses and online middle school courses.  Don't feel like you've burned through your chance to get a high school diploma.  Enroll with us and let us help you earn a high school diploma at home.  We look forward to the day you'll grin and bear it while holding your online or correspondence high school diploma from American School!   

Today’s Anniversary: The Mimeograph

It's August 8, and on this date in 1876, Thomas Edison received a patent for the mimeograph.  A mimeograph is a kind of copy machine that produces duplicates by using stencils.  As you might imagine, it's not conducive to printing in bulk, which is why American School uses some of the most sophisticated machines out there to print study guides and exam booklets for students who take our high school correspondence courses.  Other items we print include letters, enrollment applications, forms, booklets, envelopes and occasionally textbooks themselves for students in our correspondence high school diploma program.  Of course, students who take our accredited online high school courses or online middle school courses don't receive quite as much material on paper from us, but we know some students and families like to receive everything on paper, and so we're proud to offer courses in a variety of formats.  To take advantage of these diverse course delivery methods, enroll today!

Today’s Special Occasion: The Olympics

It's August 5, and today is the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Rio.  In our nearly 120-year history, we've had several Olympians as our students, most notably tennis star Andre Agassi, who won a gold medal in 1996, and swimmer Katie Hoff, who won silver and bronze medals a few years later.  Olympians and other American School students take the best online high school courses and high school correspondence courses because we offer them the flexibility to work whenever and wherever they want.  Our students set their own schedules, and you can too after you enroll and become our student.  Although they are accredited by three reputable accrediting bodies, it won't take an Olympian effort to pass our courses, but just in case you need assistance, our instructors and support staff will be your coaches as you work toward the finish line of earning your high school diploma.  Join students in more than 65 countries around the world and become an American School student.  We'll be glad to have you on our team! 

Today’s Birthday: Barack Obama

It's August 4, and President Barack Obama turns 55 years old today.  Before we go any further, It's important to note that American School doesn't take any political positions.  We've written blogs about politicians celebrating birthdays whether they are Democrats, Republicans, members of another party, or members of no party at all.  Rather, we respect the offices held by these politicans.  What makes President Obama unique to American School is that we both have roots in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.  That's where we spent most of the 20th century after we moved to Illinois from Boston and before we moved to our current location.  Back in Hyde Park, we had no idea we'd be offering online high school courses or online middle school courses one day.  We just offered high school correspondence courses so that people could earn a high school diploma at home.  Today we're proud to offer courses in grades 6-12 in a variety of ways.  Enroll today and let us inaugurate you as an American School student!