Revised Social Civics Course Now Available

American School is pleased to release a revised edition of its paper-based Social Civics course.  The course is a required subject if you wish to earn a correspondence high school diploma in our general high school or college preparatory program and may be taken individually as part of an independent study high school program for credit recovery.  We hope you will find this course useful, not only in this presidential election year and in your high school years, but throughout your life as well.


Today’s Anniversary: The American School Blogger

It's September 15, and on this date in 1998, the person who would become the American School Blogger started working at American School.  Obviously a lot has changed in nearly two decades.  Back in 1998, American School was strictly focused on high school correspondence courses that students could take as part of an accredited high school program or individually as part of an independent study high school.  We still offer students the opportunity to earn a correspondence high school diploma, and that will never change, but one of the biggest changes in the last 18 years is that we offer online high school courses and online middle school courses.  Those have been so important to our students in recent years, as have our other online services such as the online student center, our Facebook and Twitter pages and this very blog.  Looking toward the future, American School will continue to adapt and offer more courses and services to students.  You'll see some of them shortly and some of them in 2017 and beyond.  We're proud of our past but excited for our future, and we're grateful you've chosen to read this blog and make us your distance education high school and middle school.

Caroline Wozniacki Reaches Semifinals at U.S. Open

American School student Caroline Wozniacki came into this year's U.S. Open unseeded but left as a semifinalist, showing signs that her game is on the rebound after an uncharacteristic slow start to 2016.  She notched big wins over former U.S. Open champion Svetlana Kuznetsova in the second round and eliminated rising star Madison Keys in the fourth round before losing to current world #1 Angelique Kerber in the semifinals.  We are proud of Caroline and grateful to have her as our student.  She is one of millions of students who have taken paper-based or online high school courses with us over the years.  Our students work on the the best online high school courses and best paper-based high school courses when and where it is convenient for them.  That is just one of the benefits American School students have after they enroll and begin to earn a high school diploma at home.  We would be happy to "serve" you just as we serve Caroline, other tennis players and other American School students all over the world.


Revised Office Procedures Course Available

Today we are releasing an updated version of our Office Procedures course.  This paper-based course may be taken as part of a correspondence high school diploma program or individually to supplement another accredited high school program.  It's a good way to prepare yourself for a career working in an office in your hometown or halfway around the world.  You can have almost any career after you earn a high school diploma at home from American School.  Enroll today and let those of us who work here follow our own office procedures and provide you with caring student service as you take accredited high school courses with us.     

Today’s Anniversary: The Battle of Marathon

It's September 12, and today is the traditional date of the Battle of Marathon, which took place in ancient Greece in 490 B.C.  The Greeks beat the Persians that day, and legend has it that a runner travelled 26.2 miles on foot to announce the victory to the Athenians, thus giving rise to the race that now is called a marathon.  In some ways, earning your online high school diploma or correspondence high school diploma is like training for and running a marathon.  You may think of it as a daunting task, but with proper pacing, you will finish the race and earn a high school diploma at home as your prize.  American School allows students to set their own pace.  They work when and where it is comfortable for them.  Our students can go faster on some courses in their general high school or college preparatory program if the course material comes naturally to them, or they can take their time on courses that may be more difficult for them.  Take the first step toward the life you want and enroll today!        

American School Marks Grandparents’ Day and Patriot Day

This Sunday is a special day on the calendar for two very different reasons.  The first Sunday after Labor Day each year is Grandparents' Day, and we're grateful for the support grandparents give their grandchildren as they work toward a correspondence high school diploma or a diploma comprised of accredited online high school courses.  It's also not uncommon for grandparents themselves to earn a high school diploma at home with us if they have not completed grades 9-12 previously.  This year the first Sunday after Labor Day falls on September 11, and that day has been known as Patriot Day since the events of September 11, 2001.  We pause to reflect on the events of September 11, 2001, remember the lives lost that day and the sacrifices people continue to make as a result of that day.  No matter how you choose to commemorate one or both of the events described in this blog, we are grateful for your readership of this blog and hope you will return on Monday for our next post.

Today’s Anniversary: Scotch Tape

It's September 8, and 3M began marketing scotch tape on this date in 1930.  Scotch tape has many uses, but it is especially popular when it comes to wrapping birthday or Christmas presents.  Think of the best present or gift that you ever received.  Did it bring happiness to your life?  Probably.  Did it radically change your life for the better?  Maybe.  A high school diploma is the gift that keeps on giving.  Over time, people with a paper-based or online high school diploma earn hundreds of thousands of dollars more than their peers who do not have their diplomas.  An online high school diploma for adults or children or a correspondence high school diploma for adults or children can help you have the life you've always wanted.  In turn, your children and your family will have a better life.  Scotch tape also is transparent, and so is American School.  The terms and conditions of your enrollment in our accredited high school program are clearly described on the enrollment application, and there will be no surprises or hidden fees along the way.  Enroll today, and within four years you'll be able to unwrap the best gift of all: a high school diploma from American School.

Today’s Anniversary: The Miss America Pageant

It's September 7, and on this date in 1921, the very first Miss America Pageant was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  We know that selecting a distance education high school or middle school for yourself or a family member is like viewing a beauty pageant in some regards.  You, as a member of the distinguished panel of judges, call schools or view schools' web sites, and each school you call or visit tries to put its best foot forward to win your approval.  Instead of swimsuit, evening gown, interview and talent, American School gets high marks in offering a wide variety of accredited high school courses in online and paper-based formats as well as online middle school courses.  We also get points for caring student service, nearly 120 years of credibility and our very reasonable cost.  When you look at us closely, we deserve the crown that goes with educating you or family member.  In return, you'll earn a high school diploma at home, complete full years in grades 6-8, or take individual courses for credit recovery or enrichment.  Take the first step down the runway toward the rest of your life and enroll today!  

Today’s Anniversary: Piggly Wiggly

It's September 6, and on this date 100 years ago, the first self-service grocery store opened in Memphis, Tennessee.  For reasons still unknown, Clarence Saunders named it Piggly Wiggly, and the chain, which now has 600 stores in 17 states, has been in business for a century.  Before Piggly Wiggly, grocery stores were full-service places of business.  You'd show up, give a clerk the list of items you wanted, he or she would get them for you, you'd pay him or her, and you'd be on your way.  There were no shopping carts, no aisles, no checkout stands, and none of the other things we associate with shopping at a modern supermarket.  Piggly Wiggly's model gave the consumer more freedom, lowered prices, and became the model for supermarkets all across the country.  American School operates in much the same way.  We have everything from soup to nuts, so to speak, when it comes to paper-based high school courses, online high school courses and online middle school courses and we offer those courses at a very affordable cost.  You can take classes in core subject areas like English, math, science or social studies, or in specialty areas such as business, fine arts or world language.  In addition, you can take middle school and high school independent study courses for credit recovery or enrichment or take those courses as part of a package that will allow you to earn a high school diploma online for adults or children or a diploma with high school correspondence courses.  We think you'll go hog wild for us when you become our student, so enroll today!

American School Closed Monday, September 5

American School will be closed Monday, September 5, in observance of Labor Day.  Our staff works hard to serve our students who are working hard to earn a high school diploma at home.  It is our hope that everyone has a restful weekend and is refreshed and renewed when our offices reopen with regular business hours on Tuesday, September 6.