Today’s Special Occasion: Valentine’s Day

It's February 14, and today is Valentine's Day.  We love our students, and we're always happy to hear that our students love us back.  In the past year, many students and their families have come to love our accredited middle school program.  Thus far it's consisted entirely of online middle school courses, but later this year we'll add paper-based middle school courses to our curriculum.  The courses are in production as we speak, and we're really excited to make them available to you.  We don't want to forget about our high school courses either, and we'll continue to offer accredited high school courses in online and paper-based formats.  Those are some of the reasons why we're a leading distance education high school and middle school.  We love what we do, and we're glad to be of service to you!

Today’s Birthday: Coach K

It's February 13, and Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski turns 70 years old today.  At as a college coach, Coach K has won 5 national championships at Duke and more than 1000 games overall.  He also coached the United States' men's basketball team from 2005-2016 and was 60-1 in international competitions, including leading the USA to Olympic gold medals in 2008, 2012 and 2016.  Those championships and gold medals were won with hard work and help from many people, and the same will be true for you as you strive to earn your paper-based or online high school diploma from American School.  To get a high school diploma adults or children have to complete 18 units of credit, so it's unrealistic to think you can enroll with us and earn a high school diploma at home overnight.  You'll be able to work at your own pace and work independently if you so choose, but you'll get help from our qualified instructors and courteous staff whenever you need us.  We want to help you achieve all of your goals whether they involve sports or not, and the best way to do that is for you to enroll today.  


Today’s Anniversary: Deep Blue

It's February 10, and on this date in 1996, the supercomputer known as Deep Blue defeated chess champion Garry Kasparov for the first time.  If you think a computer beating a human being is amazing, you should check out our online middle school courses and online high school courses.  They're accessible on most every computer and will help you complete your middle school education or earn a high school diploma at home.   Check out our online learning page for more information and for demos of these courses in action!

Today’s Special Occasions: National Pizza Day and National Bagel Day

It's February 9, and today we're celebrating National Pizza Day and National Bagel Day.  The toppings for pizzas and flavors for bagels are virtually endless, and the same is true for our course offerings and delivery methods.  We offer the best online high school courses, high school correspondence courses and online middle school courses.  You can take individual courses for credit recovery or enrichment or enroll in a full-year accredited middle school program or a correspondence or online high school diploma program.  No one offers a better variety of courses than we do.  Sausage and pepperoni may be traditional pizza toppings, and cinnamon raisin and blueberry may be traditional bagel flavors, so you're probably not surprised we offer traditional courses such as English, math, science and social studies.  But maybe you like pineapple and anchovies on your pizza and prefer jalapeno or everything bagels.  We've got your style covered too because we offer a variety of career, fine arts and world language courses that you can use to add some zing to your education.  If you're planning on ordering a pizza or some bagels today, why not order some courses from us too?  Enroll today!

Notice for Planning Your Career Students

Effective February 1, 2017, the SDS booklet is no longer a required element of the Planning Your Career course.  Current Planning Your Career students do not have to submit the SDS booklet to us even if they have the booklet in their possession, while new Planning Your Career students will receive a memo notifying them of this change when they receive their course materials.  Thank you for your cooperation and for allowing us to provide you with accredited high school courses that you may take to earn a correspondence high school diploma in our general high school program or college preparatory program.





Today’s Special Occasion: Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day, so it's the perfect opportunity for us to tell you how we safeguard your data and ensure your safety when you take online middle school courses or online high school courses with us.  Our students access the best online high school courses and online middle school courses through at least one password-protected site and sometimes two password-protected sites.  If they don't access their courses directly, they can access them through our online student center, which is available to all students, even those who take high school correspondence courses.  The online student center is a secure portal that gives students and guarantors access to student records, grades, payment information and much more.  The site is totally safe, and your personal information will not be compromised or shared with anyone.  We are happy to do our part to make the Internet safer for everyone, especially our students!

Today’s Anniversary: Queen Elizabeth II

It's February 6, and on this date in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II became Queen of England.  That means she's been on the throne for 65 years now.  To celebrate, we want to feature our British Literature course.  Certainly the queen would approve of you reading works by some of the greatest English authors of all time.  You'll read works by William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and others as you work to earn a high school diploma at home.  British Literature is one of many high school correspondence courses we offer, but we also offer many online high school courses and online middle school courses.  In the fall we'll offer correspondence middle school courses too.  We'll treat you like a king or queen after you enroll, so celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's anniversary by getting started with us today! 

Super Bowl Preview

It's the Friday before the Super Bowl, and we assume many of you will be watching the New England Patriots play the Atlanta Falcons for the NFL championship Sunday night.  We're not going to pick a winner, but we will tell you about our ties to New England and Atlanta.  R.T. Miller and his colleagues founded American School in Boston in 1897, so although we have been based in or near Chicago for more than a century, we consider Boston, and by extension New England, our original home.  R.T. Miller couldn't have imagined his school would offer online middle school courses and online high school courses, but we offer those and high school correspondence courses and promote them each year at a major convention in Atlanta.  We always enjoy visiting the Peach State and enjoying southern hospitality, but we attend conventions all around the country all year long.  Enjoy the game this weekend and check back later this month to see where our first convention of 2017 will be.  Hint: It's in the home state of a team that has won four Super Bowls, including the very first two!

Today’s Special Occasion: Groundhog Day

It's February 2, and the American School Groundhog saw its shadow this morning.  Supposedly that means six more weeks of winter, but we'll see.  When spring officially arrives in March, we'll be closer to offering paper-based middle school courses.  Those will be available in time for the start of the 2017-2018 school year.  We'll still have our online middle school courses, high school correspondence courses and online high school courses available to you as well.  There is no need to come out of your educational hibernation, look around, and then go right back inside, continuing the life you've always had.  You can make this a Groundhog Day to remember by enrolling in any of our programs.  By next Groundhog Day, you'll be at least another year closer to earning an online high school diploma or correspondence high school diploma!

Today’s Birthday: Don Everly

Today singer Don Everly turns 80 years old.  He and his brother Phil had a string of hits in the 50s and 60s as the Everly Brothers, but before they reached the top of the charts, they were American School students who took high school correspondence courses with us.  One of the Everly Brothers' biggest hits was "All I Have To Do Is Dream," and enrolling with American School can help turn your dreams into reality.  You can earn a correspondence high school diploma like the Everly Brothers did, or you can enroll in an online high school diploma program or accredited middle school program instead.  Individual courses are available too if you need credit recovery or wish to take courses for enrichment purposes.  Let us be your school of choice as you work toward a better life for yourself and your family.  We'd be happy to serve you!