Today’s Birthday: Ford Motor Company

It's June 16, and on this date in 1903, the Ford Motor Company was incorporated.  This blog does not endorse one automobile maker over another, but it's worth noting that American School is six years older than Ford, and many people think Ford has been around forever.  We were founded in 1897 and have been a top distance education high school for most of our existence.  Students enroll in our accredited high school program and ultimately earn our accredited high school dipoma, or they take individual courses such as Automotive Systems for credit recovery or enrichment.  We also offer an accredited middle school program for students in grades 6-8.  If you're ready to start your engines and begin your courses, we encourage you to enroll today!     

Today’s Special Occasion: U.S. Open

It's June 15, and today is the first day of the U.S. Open golf tournament at Erin Hills in Wisconsin.  This is the first U.S. Open in the Midwest since 2003, and American School employees were at that event held at nearby Olympia Fields Country Club.  Our employees worked as marshals and will call representatives and got to see some of the best golfers in the world up close and personal.  If you watch any of this year's U.S. Open, you may be impressed by the natural topography of Erin Hills, which was formed by glaciers.  It may inspire you to take our Drawing Landscapes course as an elective in your accredited high school program or individually for credit recovery or enrichment.  We offer a wide variety of accredited high school courses in both online and paper-based formats, and this summer we're happy to announce that we'll have online middle school courses and paper-based middle school courses available too.  If you're ready to tee off and begin your American School education, we invite you to enroll today!   

Today’s Special Occasion: Flag Day

It's June 14, and we're celebrating Flag Day.  As you might imagine, with the word American in our name, we're proud to fly the flag outside of our distance education high school offices.  We're proud to live in a country that grants its citizens many freedoms, including the choice to attend school wherever they choose.  We offer an online high school diploma program and a correspondence high school diploma program for students in grades 9-12.  We also offer an accredited middle school program for students in grades 6-8.  It is our hope that one day you'll display your American School diploma as proudly as you display the American flag.  Enroll today!


Today’s Anniversary: Charles Lindbergh Ticker Tape Parade

It's June 13, and 90 years ago today, Charles Lindbergh received a ticker tape parade in New York City after he returned from his solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.  His voyage was quite an accomplishment, and you can achieve something just as big after you enroll and become our student.  Maybe you feel like you can't get off the ground when it comes to your education.  We have online middle school courses now and will add paper middle school courses in the next couple months.  We also offer online high school courses and high school correspondence courses that you can take toward your high school diploma, either from us or from another accredited school through our independent study high school program.  We look forward to having you as our student and helping you soar to new heights along the way!    

Today’s Anniversary: High School Graduation

It's June 12, and on this date in a year we won't identify, the person who writes this blog graduated from high school.  Graduating from high school is a milestone for anyone, and we can help you earn a high school diploma at home.  American School offers high school correspondence courses and online high school courses that help prepare you for the college or university of your choice or a career in the workforce, whichever you prefer.  You can start anytime and graduate whenever you have completed all of your requirements.  Enroll today and you can start thinking of your own graduation date in the near future!


French Open Flashback: Kathleen Horvath

We've written about the French Open quite a bit recently as we've followed Caroline Wozniacki all tournament long, but another American School student deserves some attention before we put the French Open in our rearview mirror for another year.  Kathleen Horvath pulled off one of tennis's greatest upsets in the 1984 French Open.  She defeated Martina Navratilova in the fourth round and prevented her from winning the calendar year Grand Slam.  Read more about the achievement in this recent New York Times article.  We're proud to count Kathleen among the tennis players who have chosen to take our accredited high school courses, but we're proud to serve all of our students whether you play tennis or not.  Millions of students have taken our high school correspondence courses, online high school courses and online middle school courses over the years, and we'd be happy to count you among that number.  Enroll today!  

American School to Attend WHO Convention

American School is pleased to return to Puyallup, Washington, and the 2017 Washington Homeschool Organization Convention.  We'll be in booth 301 at the Washington State Fair Showplex on June 9 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and June 10 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and as always we will have plenty of freebies and plenty of information about our accredited general high school and college preparatory program for high school students and our accredited middle school program for students in grades 6-8.  Individual online high school courses, high school correspondence courses and online middle school courses may be taken to enrich existing homeschool programs, and we'll have information about those possibilities too.  Come see us in the Pacific Northwest this weekend!    

Caroline Wozniacki Falls in French Open Quarterfinals

American School student Caroline Wozniacki saw her French Open run end in the quarterfinals with a 4-6, 6-2, 6-2 loss to Jelena Ostapenko of Latvia.  Caroline's appearance in the final eight matched her best showing in Paris and first appearance in the quarterfinals there since 2010.  The tennis season now shifts from the clay courts of Paris to the grass courts that will lead us to Wimbledon in July.  We will keep you posted on Caroline's progress in the season's third major, but by the time that tournament begins you can already be well on your way to a correspondence or online high school diploma.  Students can enroll anytime with us and begin taking online high school courses or high school correspondence courses.  Same goes for students wishing to take online middle school courses as part of our accredited middle school program.  No matter your situation, we look forward to serving you! 

Today’s Anniversary: D-Day

It's June 6, the 73nd anniversary of D-Day, a turning point in World War 2.  While few things can top the heroic acts of the Allied forces on that day, you can have your own personal D-Day of sorts after you enroll and become our student.  The term "D-Day" has become synonymous with making an important decision that will have lasting impact.  Deciding to earn a high school diploma at home can be one of those occasions.  We invite you to be part of our high school diploma program or our accredited middle school program.  You can even take individual online or paper-based courses to recover credits or enhance an existing homeschool program.  Whatever you choose, we are happy to be of service to you after you make us your distance education high school or middle school.

Caroline Wozniacki Powers Into French Open Quarterfinals

Since our last blog, American School student Caroline Wozniacki has won two more matches to advance to the quarterfinals of this year's French Open.  In the third round, Caroline defeated CiCi Bellis of the United States, 6-2, 2-6, 6-3, and in the fourth round, she defeated former French Open champion Svetlana Kuznetsova of Russia, 6-1, 4-6, 6-2.  We are proud to have Caroline as our student as she works to earn a high school diploma at home or around the world as she competes on the WTA Tour.  Students can take our online high school courses, high school correspondence courses and online middle school courses anywhere in the world.  If you wish to take them too, we encourage you to enroll today.