2020 Convention #10: Homeschool Oklahoma Celebration (Cancelled)

If you read one of this week's previous blogs, you know that we planned to attend two conventions this week.  The second was the Homeschool Oklahoma Celebration.  Previously this event was in downtown Oklahoma City, but this year it was scheduled to be held at the Cole Community Center on the north side of Oklahoma City before it was cancelled.  Had we attended, we would have had information about our accredited high school program and accredited middle school program, both of which offer a full package of courses for each year of grades 6-12.  We also would have brought information about our enrichment program which allows students to take individual subjects to enhance an existing homeschool program.  The sooner we can get back to the Sooner State the better, so we plan to attend this show in 2021 if we can.  In the meantime, we look forward to you choosing us as your distance education high school or middle school!