A Variety of Anniversaries

It's September 14, and 14 years ago tomorrow, the person who writes the American School blog began working at the American School.  That, however, is not a milestone anniversary like the ones celebrated by three other people today.  Two of them are the latest inductees into the American School's Double Decade Club, which consists of those employees who have worked for the American School on a full-time basis for 20 consecutive years.  A third employee is marking 15 years of employment.  You'll get to read about all of our recent milestone anniversaries in the next All American newsletter.  One common bond among us long-standing employees is that all of us have learned to put the student first.  We do that in a variety of ways, from grading exams to sending books to preparing students for college and on down to writing blogs, planning and attending conventions, and doing other marketing and public relations endeavors.  Indeed, all the work that every American School employee does is designed with the student's best interest in mind.  We hope you appreciate the efforts of all of us, those who are just starting out and those of us who have been here for decades, as much as we appreciate having you as our student.