About the Online Counselor Office

Today's blog is about our Online Counselor Office.  The Online Counselor Office is available to school officials who have students enrolled in our middle school and high school independent study program.  Counselors can log into the Online Counselor Office anytime to view their students' records, download final exams, and much more.  We allow for one school code and one password per school, so it is important for school officials to share their information with others on staff so that everyone can have access to the site.  When counselors access the Online Counselor Office, they will see a list of names of their students who are taking our accredited middle school courses or accredited high school courses.  They can click on the name of a particular student and view that student's records.  We are happy to offer this service to counselors who have students in our independent study high school program or middle school program and hope you visit the Online Counselor Office often!