About the Online Student Center

Today's blog is about our Online Student Center.  Any student who takes any course with us receives access to the Online Student Center at no extra charge.  The Online Student Center contains academic records, help sheets, additional links and much more.  Students in our print or online high school courses and print or online middle school courses should check the site often.  If you are under age 18, your guarantor (often your parent) will have a separate login to the Online Student Center to monitor your progress.  It is important to note that the Online Student Center is for current students only.  Shortly after you complete your courses or earn a high school diploma at home, you will no longer have access to the Online Student Center.  If you need to retrieve your records, please contact our student service department or follow the steps on our FAQ page to request a transcript.  We are happy to offer you online services and hope you visit the Online Student Center often!