ACT & SAT Prep Courses


American School has a long history of making available to our students the courses and programs that fit their needs.

With college degrees becoming more and more important in our society, we have seen an increase in the number of students who contact us for information on taking the ACT or SAT and/or receiving assistance in preparing for those tests.

After careful examination and analysis of several online ACT/SAT prep courses, American School is pleased to refer students to Method Test Prep, a company that has specialized in online standardized test preparation for more than a decade. If you choose to enroll in one or more of their courses, Method Test Prep will be responsible for all course content and billing, and their customer service team will answer any and all questions from American School students.

ACT/SAT prep courses offered through Method Test Prep do NOT count toward the number of credits you need to earn your American School diploma.

Method Test Prep offers both self-paced courses and teacher-led classes featuring the following elements:

  • Access to strategy guides for each test
  • Complete full-length practice tests
  • Hundreds of practice questions
  • Practice quizzes to boost knowledge
  • Immediate feedback on every question
  • Audio and video explanations of test questions
  • Easy-to-understand explanations to every question
  • Tracking methods for strengths and weaknesses on each test
  • Valuable test-taking tips
  • Access to courses on an unlimited 24/7 basis from any Web-enabled computer

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