American School Accreditation Team Visit Concludes

As mentioned in yesterday's blog, the American School is hosting an accreditation team this week.  Their visit concludes today, and over the past two days, they have enjoyed seeing the building, meeting employees, and learning how the school operates on a daily basis.  During a meeting earlier this morning, one of the members of the accreditation team said that accreditation offers a school a chance for transformation but that renewal must come from the inside.  In other words, the accreditation team consists of outside individuals who are experts in education but do not work at the school on a daily basis.  They can offer recommendations and ideas to make the school better, but ultimately the school will be renewed if the inside individuals, those who work at the school on a daily basis, put their ideas into practice.  That thought is exactly what the American School will try to do after we receive the final report from the accreditation team later this year.  The end result is that our students will attend an ever-improving American School.  Enroll today if you would like to be among the first students to benefit from this accreditation visit.