American School Announces Improvements to Online Student Center, Online Counselor Office

The American School is pleased to announce several improvements to the Online Student Center and Online Counselor Office that are designed to make the sites more informative and user-friendly. 

While the log-in process remains the same, the Online Student Center now features links to departmental pages on the left side of the first page you see after you successfully log into the site.  These departmental pages contain the department's email address as well as help sheets and other information that will be useful to you as you complete your courses.  The center of the page features information on online courses, ACT-SAT prep courses and more.  Finally, the box on the right side of the page contains links to your academic records, online courses, a list of all help sheets and resources, homework websites and finally a link to change your email address or password. 

The first page of Online Counselor Office has experienced similar changes, with enrollment forms and contact information now in the center of the page and links to retrieve student records and other useful information now appearing in the box on the right side of the page.

We hope these changes improve your experience visiting the Online Student Center and Online Counselor Office, and remember to visit the sites often because we'll be making more improvements soon!