American School Appears in USA Today Special Publication

If you live in or near New York, Los Angeles, Cincinnati or the American School's home base of Chicago, pick up the March 15-17 USA Today newspaper today, tomorrow or Sunday.  Inside the newspaper, you'll find a special pullout section dedicated to online education.  Right on the cover you'll see the American School's seal and some information about us.  If you don't live in any of those cities, don't worry.  You can access the digital version of the report here.  When you are on that page, click the "Download Full Report" tab at the top to get a printable version that looks exactly like the one being distributed in USA Today.  Until recently, the American School wouldn't have been able to participate in such a project, but thanks to our new online learning initiatives, we are pleased to take part in this national publication.  We continue to work hard to improve our online learning offerings, and if there is another special section dedicated to online education in 2014, it is likely the American School will have many more online learning offerings in place by then!