American School Blog Celebrates 14th Anniversary

The American School Blog celebrated its 14th anniversary on Saturday, July 11, by taking the day off and not posting a blog entry.  If you're a regular blog reader, you know that we post blog entries on weekdays when the School is open unless we are unable to do so.  The American School Blog has served many purposes over the years, but its main purpose is to keep our students and parents informed about what is happening at American School.  We post about adding new middle school and high school correspondence courses, and we post about adding online middle school courses and online high school courses.  We post about new American School policies, changes to our prices and enrollment applications and much more.  We post about attending conventions and holding important meetings of American School leadership to help plan our future.  Finally, sometimes we post about popular culture and how events such as statehood anniversaries relate to American School.  We appreciate your support of the American School Blog and we look forward to your readership for many years to come.