American School Celebrates 117th Birthday

It's December 17, and on this date in 1897 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts granted a charter that proclaimed American School to be an "educational institution not for profit," a charter which has now guided us for 117 years.  When R.T. Miller and his friends began their study by mail program in Boston more than a century ago, they were ahead of their time, to be sure, but even they probably had no idea what shape it would take or just how far and wide their new school would one day reach.  More than a century later, and after shifts in educational offerings to adapt to the times and a move halfway across the country early in our existence, we are proud to say that we have helped more than three million students in more than 70 countries earn their high school diplomas.  Most of them have earned credits by taking courses through the mail, as R.T. Miller intended, but our recent students have begun to take online courses and online exams to help them earn credits.  We plan on offering many more online learning offerings in 2015 and beyond, but we have no plans to stop offering courses through the mail.  Offering courses in multiple formats allows us to educate students in the way that is most comfortable for them, and in our 117-year history, the needs of the student have always come first.  On our birthday, we're grateful to all of our students–past, present and future–as well as their parents, teachers, school officials and others who impact their educations.  We're also grateful for our employees.  Many of them are Double Decade Club members, which means they have been with us for at least 20 consecutive years, but all of them, whether they work in the instruction, curriculum, student service, admissions, accounting or shipping departments, are integral to the success of American School and its students.  Thanks to them and to you, we look forward to another 117 great years of offering accredited high school courses at an affordable cost!

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