American School Celebrates National Bosses Day

National Bosses Day is celebrated each year on October 16.  Since October 16 fell on a Sunday this year, this blog is celebrating National Bosses Day today.  In American School's 119-year history, we've only had 7 presidents.  Our first was our founder, R.T. Miller, and our current president is Gary R. Masterton.  This stability in leadership has been a main reason why so many people have chosen us as their distance education high school.  R.T. Miller probably had no idea that we'd one day offer online high school courses, and even Gary R. Masterton's more immediate predecessors might not have imagined that we'd offer online middle school courses as part of an accredited middle school program, but we've evolved under different leaders and will continue to do so in the future.  Enroll today and be a part of a school that has had exceptional bosses for more than a century!