American School Celebrates National Distance Learning Week

The United States Distance Learning Association has designated this week as National Distance Learning Week, and so American School, a leader in distance education since 1897, is celebrating by doing a variety of things.  First, we encourage you to check out USDLA's schedule of National Distance Learning Week webinars.  They're free and we're confident you'll find something to help you in your American School studies.  Second, we remind you that distance learning takes a variety of forms.  For years we were strictly a correspondence school and offered paper-based courses through the mail.  We still offer those kind of courses, and we have no plans to stop offering them, but in recent years distance learning has come to include online learning.  We have many online courses with many more on the way, and online exams are available for most of our paper-based courses.  You can even take ACT and SAT prep courses via distance learning, though be aware that those courses will not count toward the number of courses you need to take to earn our diploma.  Finally, we wish to remind you that although the very term "distance learning" implies some level of separation between student and instructor, we do everything we can to make distance learning as personal as possible.  Our qualified instructors call students by name when they grade exams, and they offer constructive criticism so that students can do better on future exams.  The kind of courses and services described above are just a couple reasons why we've been in business for parts of three centuries and plan to be a leader in distance learning for many years to come.

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