American School Continues to Offer ACT/SAT Prep Courses

This coming Saturday, November 3, is the second time this academic year that the SAT will be given at high schools across the country.  Students in the American School's College Preparatory program who plan to apply to four-year colleges or universities will usually need to take the ACT or SAT as part of the requirements for admission, but we recommend that you do NOT take these tests until you have completed Algebra 1, Geometry and American Literature.  Completing these three subjects will help you earn better scores on the ACT or SAT.  Enrolling for the ACT or SAT is easy and can be done through the American School's Online Student Center.  After you have logged into the site, click on the first link under the "Other Links" heading, and you will be on your way.  Please use the American School's high school code, 140650, where it is requested during registration.  You will get a copy of your scores and a copy will be sent to us as well.  If you need additional preparation for your ACT or SAT, you can do so through our partnership with Method Test Prep, a leader in ACT and SAT preparation for more than a decade.  We hope these links will provide you with quick, easy registration and outstanding test preparation so that you can do  your very best on the ACT or SAT.