American School Continues to Offer Paper-Based Courses

This week the American School added five new online courses to its curriculum, and that may lead you to wonder if the American School is planning to phase out all of its existing paper-based courses.  The answer to that question is an emphatic no.  We plan on offering many paper-based courses for many years to come.  The whole idea is to offer courses in as many ways as possible so that students can learn in the manner that is most effective for them.  While many students prefer online learning, some prefer to learn with a textbook and study guide in front of them.  We are happy to provide paper-based courses for them.  Our online and paper-based courses are all top-quality, which means that you'll be well-prepared for college or the workforce after you graduate.  One way we prepare students for life after graduation is by including a diverse selection of authors in our literature courses.  In addition to developing their reading and writing skills, students in these courses learn to appreciate people of different ethnic backgrounds, a skill that will serve them well in the future.  Our Course Descriptions page lists all of our current online and paper-based courses, and more will be added soon.  If you are ready to enroll in one or more of these courses, you can do so today.  We would be happy to have you as our student.