American School Graduate Continues Entertainment Career

For the second day in a row we're proud to feature an American School graduate in our blog.  Today we share a letter from the parents of Mabelle Davison, a young lady who decided to earn a high school diploma at home and graduated with a diploma from an accredited high school program three weeks ago.

We are a family of professional circus performers, magicians and comedy-variety entertainers.  We entertain at venues of every description: circuses, fairs, theaters, cruise ships, TV, amusement parks, etc.

Mabelle was born into the circus in 1996.  At age two she was performing in the center ring and in ice shows and on cruise ships.  She sat on Dad's shoulders as he rode his unicycle around the floor.  At age three her grandparents gave her a tiny unicycle for her birthday and by her fourth birthday she was featured as "The World's Youngest Professional Unicyclist!"  She caught the eye of Arnold Schwarzenegger and was featured, along with her family, in the "Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Expo" in Columbus, Ohio.

Later, at age five, she appeared on worldwide television on "Sabado Gigante!" on Univision, then again at age eight on "Steve Harvey's BIG TIME!" on the Warner Brothers Network.  While working at a theater in Branson, Missouri, Mabelle learned an act with Hula Hoops and is now known as "The Texas Tornado!"

She liked homeschooling, for one thing, because it allowed her to travel and work with her parents.  In addition, when at home in Texas in the winter time, Mabelle loves her room and home study meant that she could enjoy the privacy of her own quarters.

Mabelle is very proud of her high school diploma from American School.  It represents the fact that she worked hard and exercised the discipline necessary to maintain good study habits and accomplish her goals.

She has been accepted at the Institute for American Musical Theatre (IAMT) in New York City and class begins there on August 29th.  She became enamored of life in Manhattan when she worked with her family in the Big Apple Circus and they had their motorhome parked next to the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center for three months.  She is excited about the opportunities she will have at school, learning the skills to work on Broadway right in the heart of the industry!

Mabelle also plans to continue her education and will study psychology in the future, too.

We thank the Davisons for their letter and congratulate Mabelle on her educational and entertainment achievements.  We know she'll continue to be a success in the future!