American School Holds 116th Annual Meeting

The American School's 116th Annual Meeting, held as a special meeting of the Board of Trustees and Members of the Corporation, was an occasion for those present to review the past year's activities and look ahead to the future.  A major accomplishment of the past year was the School securing new accreditation by Ai (Accreditation International) and NCPSA (the National Council for Private School Accreditation), an achievement which received special recognition from the Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees, which consists of Roberta Allen, John Kemp, Gary R. Masterton, John McCulley and Mary McKeown, elected officers for the upcoming year, including President Gary R. Masterton and Executive Vice-Presidents Vincent J. Immordino and G. Marie Limback, who, along with Rene S. Villalva, will form the School's Executive Committee.  Those present also elected four new Members of the Corporation: Sunila Samuel, Valerie Riley, Judy Piscione and Cher Tufly, who are pictured from left to right in the photo below.  The Annual Meeting may be over for another year, but our work of striving to offer our students the best and most affordable education in both paper-based and online formats continues every day.  We look forward to working hard in the upcoming year to ensure the 117th Annual Meeting on October 28, 2014, will be as successful as this year's.

2013 Annual Meeting