American School Power Outage and Weather Update

American School remains closed Tuesday, February 6, though the two of us who are in the building are encouraged that the power works, the internet works, the phone works, and soon we'll have our heat back to normal.  At this time, we anticipate reopening Wednesday, February 7, with our normal business hours, but please remember that this is winter in Chicago and that means snow.  Snow is forecast just about every day this week, so we ask for your understanding if our hours change or if we are closed due to weather later in the week.  Again, at this time, we plan on being open with regular business hours the rest of the week, but that may change.  We only do blogs when we are in the office, so your best bet for weather updates is to like us on Facebook. Between the power outage and weather, we ask for your patience this week as we get caught up on grading exams, replying to emails, processing enrollment applications and more.  For immediate assistance, email us and we will reply as soon as possible.  We appreciate your understanding as you work on your online high school courses, high school correspondence courses and online middle school courses, and we love having you as our students and employees!