American School Prepares to Welcome ISBE

Today American School would have welcomed a team from the Illinois State Board of Education to evaluate us and how we serve our students.  That visit has been postponed, and we hope to welcome an ISBE team later this year.  We have been recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education since 1978, when we became the first homeschool to receive that recognition.  When they visit, the ISBE will look at the quality of our online middle school courses, middle school correspondence courses, online high school courses and high school correspondence courses and review our building, how we keep student records, the qualifications of our staff and much more.  We welcome their feedback and recommendations.  If they find that we are doing things well, we will be grateful for their kind words.  If they find areas that need improvement, we will be grateful they pointed them out and will begin creating a plan to address them.  Our policy is to be transparent about accreditation and recognition visits, and we look forward to receiving ISBE's final report in the weeks following their visit.