American School Receives Donation of Century-Old Textbooks

One of the great things about being in business for more than a century is that we sometimes hear from people who have in their possession textbooks and other materials from our earliest days.  Carol from Colorado contacted our Public Relations Department last year and asked if we'd be interested in receiving some textbooks from 1906-1915, and we responded affirmatively.  Last week she sent seven textbooks in subject areas such as Commercial Vehicles, Mechanical Drawing, Elements of Electricity, Direct Current Motors, The Electric Current, Management Dynamo Electric Machinery, and Electrical Measurements.  Notice that, while most of those courses are not offered in the 21st century, we still have automotive, drawing and electricity courses in our curriculum. 

Not only did Carol send us the books, but she also included a handwritten letter giving us a bit of backstory.  She wrote, "The one book with the name in it is how I acquired these.  That is my grandfather.  I don't know if he was a student or just why he had the books.  He is gone now, so I cannot ask.  Please enjoy these books, use them for your library, archives, or what have you.  Thank you for still being a school that helps others to a greater understanding."  Those words mean just as much to us as the seven textbooks she sent.

We thank Carol for her generosity and are happy to include her grandfather's books, which are pictured below, in our archives!

old books