American School Releases Five New Online Courses

The American School is proud to announce the release of five new online courses, three of which are subjects never before offered in the 117-year history of the School.  Beginning today, students can add Digital Photography, Music Appreciation, Forensic Science, Personal Psychology and Sociology to their curricula.  The courses are worth one unit of credit with the exception of Music Appreciation, which is worth one-half unit of credit.  While we are pleased to release all five subjects, we are particularly excited about the Digital Photography, Music Appreciation and Forensic Science courses.  Many students have expressed interest not only in more online courses but also in new subject areas such as these, and so we are happy to offer these courses to our students.  We're just as pleased to offer Personal Psychology and Sociology in entirely online formats since we know that some students prefer to do their work online rather than taking the paper-based equivalent of these subjects.  Visit our Online Learning page to learn more about these courses and all of our online learning offerings.  Pay special attention to the documents on that page which discuss technical requirements for our online learning offerings.  As excited as we are about today's announcement, we have something bigger planned for later this year, so visit this blog often, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all the latest news!