American School Releases Full-Unit Writing 2 Course

American School is pleased to release a full-unit Writing 2 course.  The course builds on the writing skills developed in Writing 1 and fosters a student's ability to write grammatically correct, unified, coherent and well-researched essays and research papers.  In the process students analyze various types of sources for their central ideas and claims, reliability and basic literary elements.  Proper citation, documentation, paraphrasing and summarizing in avoidance of plagiarism are stressed.  Please note that students in this course are automatically enrolled to complete the unit exams in an online format.  Students may opt out of online exams and complete the exams in a paper-based format by contacting the Student Service Department.  Additionally, students must earn a passing grade on Exam 4 before Exam 5 will be accepted and must earn a passing grade on Exam 9 before Exam 10 will be accepted.  Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope you will enjoy having Writing 2 as part of your accredited high school program.