American School Releases New Drawing Kits

Recently we changed the assortment of tools in our art courses' drawing kits to give students a wider range of graphite pencils and a better quality eraser and sharpener. The kits will now contain a kneaded eraser, a pencil sharpener, and 4 drawing pencils: 5B, 3B, HB, and 2H.  Please disregard the notes in the Art: Drawing Landscapes study guide on pages vi and x about drawing kits.  If one of the discussions or practice exercises in your books instructs you to use a specific pencil that is not included in the kit, use the pencil that comes closest in hardness or softness of lead to the pencil that is being recommended. You do not need the exact grade of lead named in the exercise, but you should use the pencil that comes closet to the recommended grade of lead.  For example: If you are asked to use a 4B pencil, but don’t have one you should use the 5B pencil. The goal is to create a very dark tone in your drawing, so you should use the softest grade lead that you have­.  If you have any questions about the materials you receive for the drawing courses, you can contact us by phone, mail or email.  Thank you.

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