American School Releases New U.S. History and World Literature Courses

American School is proud to release new versions of our popular paper-based United States History and World Literature courses.  The new United States History course covers events from the first Native People groups settling in the Americas and the creation of the United States through the present. It provides opportunities for developing skills in comprehending, analyzing and interpreting how past historical events influence our present lives.  The new World Literature course gives students an overview of important literary works of the last 500 years representing a variety of countries and cultures. Students study how writers from different backgrounds use literary elements and techniques to convey meaning in their short stories, plays, poems and non-fictional works. Students write compare and contrast essays about characters, plot elements, and themes in a variety of literary works. The aim is for students to gain a historical and geographical context for literature and to learn to analyze literature by asking relevant questions as they read for the course and for their own pleasure.  ***Please note that, at this time, online exams are not available in these paper-based courses.  We hope to have online exams available for United States History and World Literature in early 2015.***  We hope our students will enjoy taking one or both of these courses, and we look forward to adding more courses to our curriculum before the end of the year.

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