American School Wraps Up Spring/Summer Convention Season

It's the first day of August, and for the first time since January, American School isn't going to any conventions this month.  We started in February with events in Wisconsin and Florida.  In March we had events in Illinois, Tennessee, California and Ohio.  In April we visited Georgia, Missouri, Illinois and Oklahoma.  In May we went to Texas, Indiana and Florida.  In June we traveled to Washington and California.  Finally in July we had booths at events in Louisiana, Arizona, Texas and Georgia.  To say that we earned some frequent flier miles would be an understatement!  Through it all, we've been happy to visit those places spreading the word about our accredited high school courses in online and paper-based formats and our online middle school courses.  We've met thousands of people who were interested in our paper-based or online high school diploma program, individual courses for credit recovery or enrichment, or full-year programs in our accredited middle school program.  We look forward to meeting even more when we return to conventions in the fall.