April 10 Anniversary: The Titanic

It's April 10, and on this date 100 years ago, the Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage.  Thanks to the history books and a very famous movie, we know how that trip ended.  If, however, you choose to set sail with the American School and become one of our students, you can be assured of a happier ending.  That's because in Southampton, England, where the Titanic set sail; in New York, which was the Titanic's destination; and in any other place on either side of the Atlantic, you won't find a better combination of curriculum, cost, credibility and caring student service.  You'll also enjoy the flexibility an American School education gives you.  You can work on your courses any time, day or night.  Working at your own pace gives you the opportunity to do extracurricular activites that will bring your courses to life.  One example of such an activity you could do during a social studies course would be to visit a museum that houses artifacts and relics, including some from the sunken Titanic.