Caroline Wozniacki at the Australian Open

American School student Caroline Wozniacki rallied from a 1-5, 15-40 deficit in the final set of her second round match of the Australian Open and came back to defeat Jana Fett 3-6, 6-2, 7-5 to move into the third round.  Seeded second, Caroline defeated Mihaela Buzarnescu 6-2, 6-3 in the first round and remains a top contender in this year's event even though she was one point away from being eliminated in the second round.  Perhaps you've faced similar long odds in trying to earn a high school diploma at home or in a traditional school.  Let us help you reach all of your goals.  We offer online high school courses, online middle school courses and high school correspondence courses and will debut middle school correspondence courses soon.  All of our students work at their own pace in an environment that is comfortable for them.  In addition, we keep tuition to a minimum and offer a convenient monthly payment program for students in our full-year or diploma programs.  Get started with us by enrolling today.  We're happy to serve you! 

Remembering John McCulley

Late last week American School received word that John McCulley passed away.  John was an integral part of American School for more than 20 years, first as an instructor and later as principal and educational director.  Most recently he served on our Board of Trustees and played in integral part in helping American School become the school we are today and the school we want to become in the future.  More than that, he was a friend and mentor to many of us, and we join his family in thanking him, missing him and remembering him.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.  Thank you.

American School Closed January 15

American School will be closed Monday, January 15.  We look forward to assisting you with your high school correspondence courses, online high school courses and online middle school courses when we reopen on Tuesday, January 16.  Have a great weekend!

Enter the Doodle 4 Google Contest

Students are invited to enter this year's Doodle 4 Google contest by clicking on the link in this blog.  We do our best to inform students of such contests and encourage them to enter as many contests and competitions as possible.  Perhaps some of you found this blog by using Google or another search engine.  Maybe you're looking for an online high school diploma or a correspondence high school diploma.  Perhaps you're interested in accredited high school courses online or on paper.  Maybe you're looking for an accredited middle school program.  No matter your situation, we're glad you found us, and we hope we can be of service to you.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We'll reply within one business day. 

Today’s Anniversary: Common Sense

It's January 10, and Thomas Paine published his Common Sense pamphlet on this date in 1776.  The pamphlet is mentioned in Hamilton and also appears in our online United States History course and our paper-based United States History course.  Students in our online high school courses, high school correspondence courses and online middle school courses often read from primary sources to enhance their studies.  When you combine outstanding curriculum, affordable cost, caring student service and more than 120 years of credibility as a leading distance education high school and middle school, common sense would tell you that you should enroll with American School today!

Today’s Anniversary: The iPhone

It's January 9, and the original iPhone was introduced on this date in 2007.  Once upon a time people used phones strictly for talking to someone in a different location, but as we all know, today's phones can do just about everything.  One of our goals for 2018 is to debut a new web site that will be easier to view on your iPhone or other mobile device.  We know how important it is for you to access your online high school courses and online middle school courses from almost anywhere, and we're hopeful that the new web site will help.  Some people use our web site to access our online student center and get their latest academic information, but you can still call us to receive that information as well.  We're happy to offer a correspondence high school diploma program and telephone assistance to those people who desire them.  It's another example of how we are your school of choice in 2018 and beyond!

Today’s Anniversary: Password Plus

It's January 8, and a game show called "Password Plus" premiered on this date in 1979.  It seems like everything has a password these days, and your online high school courses and online middle school courses from the American School are no exception.  All of our students, even those who take high school correspondence courses, need a password to access our online student center where they view grades, download help sheets and receive links to other useful information.  We do our very best to keep your passwords and other personal information safe.  If you're interested in getting some American School passwords of your own, we invite you to enroll today and become our student!

Today’s Anniversary: The Golden Gate Bridge

It's January 5, and construction on the Golden Gate Bridge began on this date in 1933.  You may think of the American School as a bridge from your current life to the life you've always wanted.  Studies have shown that high school graduates are more successful than those who never graduated from high school.  We offer an online high school diploma for adults or children in addition to a correspondence high school diploma.  Both consist of 18 units of credit, and monthly payment plans are available to make an already cost-effective tuition even more affordable.  Over the years we've helped more than 3 million people earn a high school diploma at home, and we want to include you in that number.  Enroll today and take the first step across the bridge to your bright future.

Today’s Birthday: Sir Isaac Newton

It's January 4, and Sir Isaac Newton was born on this date in 1643.  He was a philosopher and mathematician but is perhaps best known as a physicist.  American School is proud to offer a paper-based Physics course and an online Physics course where you can learn about Newton's work with gravity and much more.  These courses would be a great addition to your college preparatory program or independent study high school program, but please note that each course has its own prerequisites.  Some of our courses have prerequisites because they are more advanced.  We want to make sure you are in a good position to succeed in these courses, which is why we have prerequisites in place before students can enroll in them.  We're one of the distance education high schools which care about students' welfare, and we look forward to having you as our student after you complete the enrollment process.  

Today’s Anniversary: Alaska

It's January 3, and Alaska became a state on this date in 1959.  We've attended conventions in our 49th state several times because many students there take our high school correspondence courses, online high school courses and online middle school courses.  Alaska is such a huge state that often schools are great distances from people's homes.  It's easier for families to have school come to them rather than brave snow and cold to attend school an hour away.  We're happy to serve those students as well as students in the other 49 states.  No matter where you live, we offer accredited courses at an affordable cost, and we'd love to have you as our student.  Enroll today!