This Week’s Blog Schedule

This week's blog schedule will be a little bit different than usual.  We have this post, which announces that we won't have blogs tomorrow and Wednesday.  We'll be back Thursday and Friday!  If you have questions about our accredited middle school program or accredited high school program, you're welcome to call or email us for assistance.  We're grateful that you read this blog, and we're excited about what we have planned for you this summer, especially since we're adding correspondence middle school courses and even more online high school courses and high school correspondence courses and creating a new way for you to earn a high school diploma at home.  Stay tuned!   

Happy Father’s Day from American School

It's June 15, and since we're not here on Sunday when Father's Day is observed, we're writing about the holiday in today's blog.  Fathers play a major role in their children's education, and we're appreciative that so many fathers remain deeply involved in their children's educations when they reach grades 6-12.  We provide high school correspondence courses, online high school courses and online middle school courses, and we'll add middle school correspondence courses to the mix this summer.  We'd love to add you to our family, and you can join us by enrolling today! 

Today’s Special Occasion: Flag Day

It's June 14, and today we're celebrating Flag Day.  The American flag proudly flies outside our office every day, and perhaps it flies outside your home as well.  We can take pride in many things besides our flag.  One of them is education.  If you've been frustrated by education in the past, or if you're not proud of your educational record, give us a try.  We offer an online high school diploma program and a correspondence high school diploma program, and we award credit for work completed at accredited schools.  If you only need a credit or two to graduate from your current high school, consider our independent study high school program.  We want you to be proud of our flag and your education.  Make today a memorable Flag Day for yourself and enroll with us today! 

2018 Building a Grad Nation Report

Today's blog presents the 2018 Building a Grad Nation report from America's Promise Alliance.  America's Promise Alliance's main goal is to improve graduation rates across the country, and that is one of our goals as well.  Having an online high school diploma or correspondence high school diploma is very important and is almost mandatory for you to attend college or get a job.  Our accredited high school courses can help you earn that diploma and help you have the life you've always wanted.  We're excited to modify our diploma program in July to better serve our students and better prepare them for the future.  Stay tuned for more details!   

American School Holds 80th Annual Scholarship Meeting

Today American School is proud to hold our 80th annual scholarship meeting.  Our panel of judges will award $21,000 in post-secondary scholarships to 18 deserving graduates.  Since we awarded our very first scholarship, we've awarded $886,200 to 1534 graduates, and it is our pleasure to do so.   All of this year's recipients earned an online high school diploma or correspondence high school diploma while working at their own pace in accredited high school courses.  They have unique college and career aspirations, and we are proud to support them in all their future endeavors.  Information about our 2019 scholarship program will be available early next year, and we will post information about it in this blog when information becomes available.

American School Welcomes Board of Trustees

Today we are happy to have our Board of Trustees with us for their spring meeting.  They come from all parts of the United States and have a keen interest in the welfare of American School.  They're particularly interested in the curriculum we offer, whether it be online high school courses, high school correspondence courses, online middle school courses and soon middle school correspondence courses, and we're happy to receive their input on how we can make American School even better for our students.  Their meeting isn't the only meeting happening this week, though.  Check back tomorrow to for more details! 

Mary Pierce Update

Many times this blog has included stories of American School students and graduates who are champion tennis players.  Andre Agassi is perhaps the most notable of this group, but there are others, including reigning Australian Open champion Caroline Wozniacki, who competed in the French Open this week.  The last Frenchwoman to win her home open was Mary Pierce, another American School graduate.  As this article describes, Mary's life has gone far beyond tennis.  We are proud to count her among the many who have used our accredited high school program to earn a correspondence high school diploma.  She is a champion on and off the court, and our online high school courses and high school correspondence courses can help you become a champion in whatever you pursue.  Enroll with us today!  

Testimonial Thursday

Today we have another testimonial from one of our students.  Brittany from California writes, "I enjoyed everything.  Being homeschooled has helped me out dramatically!  I have had straight A’s and B’s since my freshman year with the American School."  We thank Brittany for her thoughts and are glad to have her as our student.  Maybe you're wondering if being homeschooled is right for you.  You don't know until you try, but you can be assured that we'll provide quality curriculum, caring and constructive feedback, and charge you an affordable price.  That's why so many people over the years have taken our accredited high school courses and others joined them by taking online middle school courses.  Soon we will debut correspondence middle school courses that are sure to be popular among students in grades 6-8.  We enjoy being the best distance education high school and look forward to helping you earn A's and B's after you enroll and become our student! 

Today’s Anniversary: D-Day

It's June 6, and today is the 74th anniversary of D-Day, often viewed as a turning point in World War II.  We invite you to click the link above and visit other reputable web sites to learn about the heroic actions of those who landed at Normandy on June 6, 1944.  Because of their actions and the actions of countless soldiers over the years, we are able to live in a free country and offer students all over the world online middle school courses, online high school courses and high school correspondence courses.  We are grateful for their service and sacrifice.   

Caroline Wozniacki Falls in French Open Fourth Round

American School student Caroline Wozniacki dropped a 7-6, 6-3 decision to Daria Kasatkina in the fourth round of the French Open in Paris.  Although Caroline couldn't win her second consecutive Grand Slam title, we are proud of her performance in Paris, where American School graduates Andre Agassi and Mary Pierce have won titles in the past.  Serving is a big part of tennis, but all of us at American School are interested in another kind of serving, namely offering personal attention in distance education.  Whether you're in our accredited middle school program or accredited high school program, we provide caring student service every step of the way, from the moment you enroll until you earn an online high school diploma or correspondence high school diploma and even beyond.  Allow us to provide good service to you by enrolling today!