American School Closed Monday, October 14

American School will be closed Monday, October 14, in observance of Columbus Day.  We will reopen with regular business hours on Tuesday, October 15.  If you're willing to explore something new, why not consider enrolling with us?  We offer accredited high school courses online or in print and offer similar courses in our accredited middle school program.  Take them collectively to complete full grades or earn a high school diploma at home, or take them individually as part of an independent study high school program or simply for your own enrichment.  We'd be happy to have you as our student!

Testimonial Thursday

It's a Thursday, so we have another testimonial from one of our students.  Harley from Arkansas writes, "I am very happy that I chose to take World History and English IV: Composition and Grammar through the American School.  Because of this decision, I can pursue my dreams at a faster rate than expected."  We thank Harley for those words.  People enroll with us for a variety of reasons, but the common bond is that they want to improve their lives.  You might even say they want to make their dreams come true.  Our high school correspondence courses, online high school courses, middle school correspondence courses and online middle school courses can help you turn your dreams into reality.  That's not to say you won't have to work hard or that things will happen for you overnight, but getting an education and learning new things can only help you.  If you're ready to start turning your dreams into reality, we invite you to enroll today.

Today’s Anniversary: The Black Sox Scandal

It's October 9, and on this date 100 years ago, the Cincinnati Reds won the World Series by defeating the Chicago White Sox.  You may think there is nothing terribly unusual about that, but we didn't mention that eight members of the White Sox actually threw the World Series and ensured the Reds won in exchange for money.  This became known as the Black Sox Scandal and remains one of the darkest times in professional sports history.  It's also an example that cheating doesn't pay.  Eventually the eight members of the White Sox got caught, and they lost far more than the World Series.  The same can be true for American School students.  We have an honor system, and we expect students to abide by it when they work on print or online high school courses or print or online middle school courses.  Repeated violations of the honor system can lead to expulsion, and nobody is a winner in that situation.  We want to see our students succeed, but we want them to do it the right way.  If you're struggling in a subject, reach out to us.  Our instructors will be happy to assist you.  Thank you for making us your distance education high school or middle school, and thank you to all of our students who put forth their best effort and do not cheat.  Your hard work will be rewarded when you complete your courses and earn your diploma! 

Today’s Anniversary: The Great Chicago Fire

It's October 8, and the Great Chicago Fire started on this date in 1871.  By the time it was contained two days later, most of the city had burned.  A few buildings survived the fire and remain standing to this day, including the Chicago Water Tower and Chicago Avenue Pumping Station on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.  Nobody wants to think about fires, hurricanes, tornados or other disasters, but they happen.  We have taken steps to ensure your records are safe if a disaster ever strikes our building.  We keep records and other important documents in fireproof safes or cabinets.  In addition, records for students who take our accredited high school courses as part of a general high school or college preparatory program or through our independent study high school program are backed up by our internal record system on a regular basis.  The same is true for records of students who enroll in our accredited middle school program.  We even have records of students who enrolled with us shortly after we moved to a rebuilt Chicago in 1903.  Safe and accurate record-keeping is one reason why more than three million students have enrolled with us over the years.  You can be next by enrolling today!

2019 Convention #22: LEA Convocation

This week we are back on the road as we attend the Lutheran Education Association Convocation in St. Louis.  Come see us in booth 530 at the St. Louis America's Center on October 10 from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and again on October 11 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  We will have information about our high school correspondence courses, online high school courses, middle school correspondence courses and online middle school courses.  Take them collectively to complete full years or full diploma programs, or take them individually for credit recovery or enrichment.  The LEA Convocation is held once every three years.  We enjoyed our visit to Grand Rapids for the 2016 event and are confident our visit to St. Louis also will be productive.  We look forward to seeing you there! 

American School Nominated for BBB Torch Award

American School is proud to earn a nomination to receive the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics presented by the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois.  According to the Better Business Bureau, the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics is the most prestigious award the Better Business Bureau presents to a business. Being a recipient indicates that a business not only believes in the high standards promoted by the Better Business Bureau but also consistently demonstrates and integrates them into daily business practices and maintains positive marketplace relations.  American School has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau since 1934.  We strive to offer outstanding customer service and swift resolution to anyone with questions or problems concerning our high school correspondence courses, online high school courses, middle school correspondence courses and online middle school courses.  Click here for more information about our relationship with the Better Business Bureau, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. 

Chicago National College Fair Coming October 5

The Chicago National College Fair will be held October 5 at McCormick Place.  If you're in the Chicago area and are unsure of your college plans after you earn a high school diploma at home with us, we encourage you to attend.  You may visit booths of colleges you didn't know existed, and one of them may be the perfect fit for you.  If you don't live in Chicagoland, keep your eyes and ears open for college fairs near you.  As always, our guidance department can help with the college admissions process after you complete your general high school program or college preparatory program.  Thank you for making us your distance education high school! 


Logging Into Edmentum

We are currently dealing with technical issues that prevent students from accessing online high school courses or online middle school courses directly from the online student center.  While we work to resolve this matter once and for all, please follow the steps below to access your Edmentum courses:

Edmentum Login Page:

Account Login: ASOC

User Name (Plato Name): First name + First letter of your last name + American School Student Number (for example:  JohnD1234567)

Password: The same generated password you received for your Student Center account

Please let us know if you experience any problems when accessing your Edmentum account this way. We will keep you updated regarding the ability to access your Edmentum account via our Student Center. Thank you for your patience and for making us your distance education high school or middle school.

Today’s Anniversary: Mensa

It's October 1, and Mensa was founded on this date in 1946.  Mensa is an organization for people with very high IQs, so today's blog will talk about what we offer for those types of students.  For starters, we have no age restrictions.  If you're much younger than those who normally begin taking print or online middle school courses, high school correspondence courses or online high school courses, that's fine with us.  We know students learn differently, so if you're an advanced student, all we need is proof that you completed the previous grade before you enroll in the next grade.  We also are happy to offer Advanced Placement courses for students in our accredited high school program.  Although the enrollment period for this year's AP courses just ended, we will have AP courses in the 2020-2021 school year, and registration will open next summer.  Finally, we allow all students to work at their own pace.  If you're doing well in a subject, you can complete it quickly and then move on to the next course or grade.  It's very possible for you to graduate a year or two earlier than your peers in traditional school.  No matter your academic ability, we look forward to serving you after you enroll and become our student. 


Today’s Anniversary: The Hoover Dam

It's September 30, and the Hoover Dam was dedicated on this date in 1935.  Hoover Dam helps control flood waters while providing energy and power for residents of Nevada, Arizona and California as well as irrigation water for farmers in those states.  When people think of dams, they often think of a structure that prevents or blocks something, so let's take a look at some of the things that might be obstacles to you enrolling with us.  First, maybe you've never homeschooled or worked independently in an accredited middle school program or accredited high school program.  While it's true you'll be working at home, you won't be alone.  Our instructors and staff are here to give you the support and assistance you need.  Second, maybe you're worried about money.  Our courses are all-inclusive and we offer monthly payment plans for students taking a package of courses with us.  Last, maybe you're worried your print or online high school courses or print or online middle school courses will be too hard.  You can take comfort in knowing you'll work at your own pace, and that will help you master new material.  We look forward to helping you remove whatever is in the way of you earning a quality education and invite you to enroll today!