78th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Today's blog remembers the day that will live in infamy–December 7, 1941.  On that day 78 years ago tomorrow, Pearl Harbor was attacked.  We've said countless times over the years how visiting historic places can make your online middle school courses, middle school correspondence courses, online high school courses and high school correspondence courses come to life.  There is no better place to experience history than Pearl Harbor.  If you go there, you may even be fortunate enough to visit with one of the survivors of the events of 78 years ago.  We thank them and all members of the military for their service in keeping our country safe.  No matter where you might be tomorrow, we encourage you to keep track of anniversary events by going here and here.    

Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, so we have a testimonial from one of our students.  Lina from Michigan writes, "Everything about American School was amazing.  I recommend it to everyone in my school who is in need of credits.  American School helped me a lot with getting back on track.  Whenever instructors graded my exams, they always left great and kind comments.  Thanks!  You are the best!"  We thank Lina for those words.  We offer an independent study high school program for students who need to recover credits in order to graduate on time with their class.  Students can also take individual subjects to enrich an existing homeschool program.  Whether you take one course or many, all of our instructors write constructive feedback on every exam they grade, as Lina pointed out.  Although we are a distance education high school and middle school, we try to make distance education as personal as possible.  Constructive feedback is one way we do that.  It's one reason why we are consistently rated among the best distance education high schools and middle schools and one reason why you should join us.  Make the first move and enroll today! 

Today’s Anniversary: Burger King

It's December 4, and the very first Burger King opened in Miami on this date in 1954.  Burger King's most famous sandwich is the Whopper, but sometimes the word whopper can have negative connotations.  That's because one definition of a whopper is a lie.  Here at American School, we take our credibility very seriously.  Therefore, we do not lie to students, parents or counselors.  We value truthfulness in all communications, including our advertising efforts.  We know you have many choices if you wish to earn a high school diploma at home, and we don't want you to have any surprises after you enroll.  We are honest and give you all required information about our general high school program, college preparatory program and independent study high school program for students in grades 9-12 and our accredited middle school program for students in grades 6-8.  Our refund policy is clearly stated on our enrollment applications.  We are forthright about all costs you might incur during your enrollment period.  Don't be fooled by whoppers some of our competitors might tell you.  Enroll with us instead! 

Today’s Anniversary: Illinois

It's December 3, and Illinois became a state on this date in 1818.  We've been in business in Illinois for more than half of the state's 201-year existence because we moved here in the early 20th century.  Back then we only offered high school correspondence courses and some trade courses, but over the years we evolved and now offer online high school courses and print and online middle school courses.  As a non-public school located in Illinois, we get visited by the Illinois State Board of Education every so often to ensure our school and services are up to standard.  We are anticipating our next visit will occur in 2020, and we look forward to welcoming the ISBE at that time.  In the meantime, we are happy to be located in Illinois and happy to serve students in all 50 states.  We would like to serve you as well.  Enroll today!

Today’s Special Occasion: Cyber Monday

It's December 2, the Monday after Thanksgiving and the day known as Cyber Monday.  It's called Cyber Monday because many business offer online specials on this day only.  We do not have any online specials today (though we'd keep checking this blog if we were you), but we do have a great lineup of online high school courses and online middle school courses available for you.  Getting an education is more important than anything you will buy today, and our courses offer you a great value.  Tuition includes all study materials, grading, access to the online student center and much more.  Go to our enrollment page to get started.  We'd love to have you in our accredited middle school program or accredited high school program!

American School Closed November 28 and 29

American School will be closed Thursday, November 28, and Friday, November 29.  On Thanksgiving weekend and throughout the year, we are most grateful for our students.  We are happy to have print and online high school courses and print and online middle school courses available for students in grades 6-12.  We are also happy to offer two programs for students to earn a high school diploma at home and an independent study high school program for students who need to take individual subjects for credit recovery.  Our affordable tuition allows students to have more money to spend on Black Friday, and our 122 years of credibility proves we are not a turkey when it comes to distance education.  We look forward to serving you when we reopen with regular business hours on Monday, December 2.


Today’s Anniversary: The University of Notre Dame

It's November 26, and the University of Notre Dame was founded on this date in 1842.  If you've read this blog over the years, you know that we've featured Notre Dame quite a bit, but today's blog is going to talk about finding the right college for you, whatever that college might be.  For some, it's a matter of simply applying to their dream school and being accepted, but that's not the case for most people.  Many people consider location, tuition and what they want to study and then apply to several schools that meet their criteria.  We recommend our college preparatory program consisting of print or online high school courses if you want to attend a four-year college or university, but our general high school program might fill the bill if you're looking to attend a two-year college after you earn a high school diploma at home.  Colleges will look at your academic record and extracurricular activities before accepting you, and our guidance department can answer any questions you might have about the college admissions process.  We know that college is expensive, so we offer scholarships to deserving graduates.  More information about our scholarship program will be available in early 2020.  You might not be thinking about college at this time, but when you do, you will definitely need to complete grades 6-12, so why not get started by enrolling with us today?  We look forward to serving you and helping you succeed in middle school, high school, college and beyond! 

Illinois EPA Poster, Poetry and Prose Contest

Today's blog has information about the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's annual Poster, Poetry and Prose Contest.  The contest is open to fifth and sixth grade students in the state of Illinois, and useful information about the contest may be found here and at the other link in today's blog.  We know only a small fraction of students who are taking print or online middle school courses in our accredited middle school program are eligible to compete in this contest, but we do our best to notify students of similar contests throughout the country.  We are proud to serve residents of all 50 states and more than 65 countries around the world, most of whom take print or online high school courses with us.  If you're a fifth or sixth grader in Illinois, however, we encourage you to enter this contest.  You will learn more about the environment and possibly become a contest winner in the process! 

Remembering President John F. Kennedy

It's November 22, and on this date in 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  People who were alive on that day 56 years ago likely remember exactly where they were when they heard the terrible news.  President Kennedy's memory is kept alive at several places, most notably his presidential library in Boston.  It's not too far from where American School was founded in 1897, and when President Kennedy was in office, we only offered high school correspondence courses.  We still offer those, but now we offer online high school courses and print and online middle school courses as well.  Visiting presidential libraries or perhaps visiting President Kennedy's grave and the graves of other American heroes at Arlington National Cemetery can help bring your courses to life, so we encourage you to look for those kinds of opportunities both near and far from your home.

Today’s Anniversary: North Carolina

It's November 21, and North Carolina became a state on this date in 1789.  In addition to being the home of Duke University, North Carolina is home to many American School students.  We are proud to serve students in all 50 states and have visited North Carolina for school counseling conventions several times.  We attend school counseling conventions to promote our independent study high school program that allows students to take individual subjects with us to recover credits toward earning a diploma from another school.  Some residents of the Tar Heel State do that, but others choose to enroll in our accredited middle school program or accredited high school program and take all of their courses in grades 6-12 with us.  Either way, we are happy to serve so many residents of North Carolina and would be happy to serve you as well no matter where you live.  Take the first step and enroll today!