Today’s Birthday: Orville Wright

It's August 19, and Orville Wright was born on this date in 1871.  Orville and his brother Wilbur are often considered the fathers of aviation since their aircraft made the first flight on December 17, 1903.  Exactly six years before that famous flight, American School received its charter.  That means we've been around nearly 122 years, and in that time we've educated more than 3 million students in the United States and abroad.  Most of them took high school correspondence courses with us since that's what we offered for most of our years of service, but in recent years we've been pleased to educate others through online high school courses and an accredited middle school program.  The Wright Brothers went through several failed attempts to get an aircraft off the ground, and we know that sometimes you might feel the same way when it comes to starting your courses.  We're happy to help however we can and give you an extra push when needed.  We're confident you'll soar to new heights as you learn many new things in our courses, so taxi down the runway and enroll with us today! 


Enroll in AP Courses for 2019-2020!

American School is pleased to open enrollments in our AP courses for the 2019-2020 school year.  All the information you need is available on the AP Courses page on our web site.  Unlike most of our high school correspondence courses and online high school courses, there is a specific enrollment period for AP courses. That's because the courses are designed to be taken over a period of several months and culminate with AP exams in the spring.  Please note the prices for AP courses if you are currently in our accredited high school program or if you wish to take the course are part of our independent study high school program.  Also, please note the specific enrollment requirements for each online AP course.  We are happy to offer AP courses to our students and hope that those who meet the enrollment requirements add AP courses to their curriculum!

Today’s Anniversary: The Panama Canal

It's August 15, and the Panama Canal opened on this date in 1914.  Before the Panama Canal opened, sailors had to go around Cape Horn on the southern end of South America if they wanted to go from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean or vice versa.  The Panama Canal provided a shortcut and dramatically cut down on travel times.  As nice as the Panama Canal and other shortcuts are, we don't recommend taking shortcuts when it comes to your accredited high school courses or courses in your accredited middle school program.  American School has an honor system which we expect students to follow.  It is permissible to work with others, but all exam answers must be your own.  There are penalties in place for those students who are caught cheating, so don't do it.  Instead, you may write, call or email your instructor for assistance.  All of us want to help you do your best and do your work honestly.  When you do that, your online high school diploma or correspondence high school diploma will mean more to you.

Today’s Anniversary: Social Security

It's August 14, and the Social Security Act became law on this date in 1935.  If you're a teenager interested in our accredited middle school program, college preparatory program or general high school program, then the thought of collecting your social security benefits during your retirement might seem light years away.  That's why today is a good occasion to remind everyone that earning a print or online high school diploma can increase your social security benefits.  How come?  Studies have shown that individuals who earn a high school diploma at home make more money during their careers than those who do not earn a high school diploma at all.  Getting a high school diploma really is a good investment for yourself and your family.  In fact, some may say that it's one of the best investments you'll ever make.  Why not take the first step and enroll today?

Six Flags Great America Homeschool Days

Six Flags Great America between Chicago and Milwaukee is hosting Homeschool Days from August 19-23, complete with curriculum for homeschoolers to complete as they ride roller coasters, log rides and much more.  We realize that not all of you live near Chicago or Milwaukee, but we wanted to mention this event because there may be similar ones at an amusement park near you.  Homeschool days are not exclusive to amusement parks either.  Sports teams, theaters, museums and other attractions might have special events set aside for homeschoolers, so check around your community and see if there is anything happening that may interest you.  We appreciate that you are taking accredited high school courses with us or are enrolled in our accredited middle school program, and we are always happy to share events and ideas that may bring you some fun and enhance your education as you work to earn a high school diploma at home.


Today’s Anniversary: The IBM Personal Computer

It's August 12, and on this date in 1981, the IBM personal computer made its debut.  At one time computers were very large and took up entire rooms.  The IBM PC changed all that and revolutionized technology around the world.  As time has gone by, computers have become smaller yet more powerful, and even mobile devices such as a tablet or phone can do many of the things a desktop computer can do.  We're proud to say that students can work on their online high school courses and online middle school courses on a variety of devices, including Apple and IBM-compatible computers as well as tablets and other mobile devices.  Of course we're happy to offer middle school and high school correspondence courses for students who prefer to work on paper instead, and we have no plans to stop offering correspondence courses.  No matter how you take our courses, we're grateful that you do.  If you haven't started yet, why not use your computer or mobile device and enroll today?  You'll have your first course within a matter of days!   

Today’s Birthday: Smokey Bear

It's August 9, and Smokey Bear turns 75 years old today.  In the beginning, Smokey Bear was a real live bear, but eventually he morphed into the Smokey Bear we know and love, namely the one stripped to the waist, wearing only a hat and a pair of blue jeans, and advocating for forest fire prevention with his familiar phrase, "Only you can prevent forest fires".  Occasionally people will ask us if American School has a mascot similar to Smokey Bear.  Sadly, we do not, though it would be interesting to have an costumed eagle or owl or other animal in our booth at conventions when we promote our high school correspondence courses, online high school courses, middle school correspondence courses and online middle school courses.  Don't feel like you've burned through your chance to get a high school diploma.  Enroll with us and let us help you earn a high school diploma at home.  We look forward to the day you'll grin and bear it while holding your American School diploma! 

Emails from

Today's blog is about emails being sent from the email address.  This email address is used only to send automated announcements from the online student center to the email you have on file with us.  Typical emails sent from this address include those which discuss grades, email address changes and password updates.  This email address is not checked, so please do not reply to any email you receive from  You will not receive a reply.  If you have questions about your accredited high school program, accredited middle school program or independent study high school courses, please contact our student service department.  Thank you for your cooperation.

American School Trustees Hold Quarterly Meeting

Earlier this week the American School Board of Trustees held their quarterly meeting.  Longtime blog readers might recall that we have a big annual meeting every October during which we review the past year's accomplishments and plan for the future so that we can be an even better distance education high school and middle school.  The Board of Trustees also typically meets in the spring in conjunction with our scholarship meeting, but in recent years the board has decided to take a more active role and hold meetings in the winter and summer as well.  We are grateful that the current members of the Board of Trustees have helped us through several new initiatives.  These include the launch of our accredited middle school program and the upcoming restructuring of our accredited high school program that will give students more flexibility and greater opportunities to learn skills that will benefit them in college or the workforce.  All of us work hard to ensure that our students attend the best school we can offer, and every decision we make is with the best interests of our students at heart.  Become our student and enroll today!  

American School Staff Receives American Red Cross Training

Recently the American Red Cross visited and trained several employees in first aid and CPR.  We provide this training to staff members to that they can keep fellow employees as safe and healthy as possible in case of any type of emergency.  If you're interested in learning a bit more about first aid and CPR yourself, consider taking one of our health courses.  You can find them among our online high school courses, high school correspondence courses, online middle school courses and middle school correspondence courses.  Although we hope to never use our first aid and CPR training, they are valuable skills to have, and we are grateful to the American Red Cross for their visit.