Daylight Savings Time Begins Sunday

Today's blog is a reminder to move your clocks forward one hour before you go to bed Saturday night.  Daylight Saving Time begins early Sunday morning, which means you'll lose an hour of sleep this weekend, but the sun will be out later.  Losing an hour of time won't hurt our students too much because they work when and where it is convenient for them.  Some work on online middle school courses, online high school courses and high school correspondence courses on a regular basis.  Others take longer breaks in between units or courses.  Whatever schedule works best for you is fine with us.  Enroll today and give yourself the flexibility of working whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.  You'll be glad you did!

Today’s Anniversary: The New York Stock Exchange

It's March 8, and the New York Stock Exchange was founded on this date in 1817.  Though we are not a publicly-owned company, we monitor the NYSE as closely as we can because it has a major impact on the national and global economy.  You can learn more about the stock market by taking one or more of our accredited high school courses.  We have a paper-based Consumer Economics and Financial Literacy course and an online Economics course to offer you.  Although the stock market and go up and down and be very inconsistent, you can always count on our caring student service to assist you after you enroll and become our student.  We'd be happy to have you earn a high school diploma at home with us or enter our high school independent study program!

Today’s Anniversary: The Telephone

It's March 7, and Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for the telephone on this date in 1876.  Though we use email to communicate with students in our general high school program, college preparatory program, independent study high school program and accredited middle school program more than ever before, we definitely are available to assist our students via telephone.  Call us at 708-418-2800 or 866-260-7221 and we'll be happy to assist you.  We're open from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Central Time Monday through Friday, but if we miss you and you leave a message, we'll return your call the next business day.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Today’s Birthday: Michelangelo

It's March 6, and Renaissance artist Michelangelo was born on this date in 1506.  He sculpted the Pieta and David and also painted the ceiling and walls of the Sistine Chapel.  While we can't promise you'll become the next Michelangelo, we're proud to offer you more Fine Arts courses than ever before.  Our online high school courses and high school correspondence courses can help you improve your drawing and photography skills, give you a greater appreciation for art and music, or maybe even help you become an actor or actress on stage or screen.  Any of our fine arts courses would be a great addition to your accredited high school program, and individually they are available through our independent study high school program.  Let your inner Michelangelo shine and enroll today!   



Today’s Birthday: Gerardus Mercator

It's March 5, and mapmaker Gerardus Mercator was born on this date in 1512.  As we all know, the earth is round, and so the most accurate depiction of earth and its geography is on a globe.  That said, it's not always easy to carry around a globe, so Mercator came up with one of the first maps of the earth that was suitable for hanging on a wall, being printed in a book, or being folded up and put in your pocket.  Many of these maps found their way into an atlas, and you'll become familiar with atlases and geography when you take one of our geography courses.  They're among our high school correspondence courses and online high school courses, and either is useful as you attempt to earn a high school diploma at home.  Enroll today and let us help map out a bright future for you!

Today’s Anniversary: Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-Point Game

It's March 2, and Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points by himself in a basketball game played on this date in 1962.  The number 100 is important here at American School because it is the highest possible score on any exam in our high school correspondence courses, online high school courses and online middle school courses.  While we want all of our students to get 100 on every exam they take, we know that's not possible for even the smartest student.  That's why our instructors are trained to provide custom constructive feedback when they correct students' exams.  The hope is that our instructors will help students do even better on future exams, perhaps even a perfect score of 100!  No matter your academic ability, we believe you can succeed as an American School student.  Enroll now! 

Today’s Anniversary: The United States Census

It's March 1, and the first United States Census was taken on this date way back in 1790.  If we counted up all of the students who have taken our accredited high school courses online or on paper over the years, that number would be more than 3 million.  That's more than every city in the United States except for New York and Los Angeles!  We're proud to have students from coast to coast working on an online high school diploma program, paper-based accredited high school program, high school independent study program, or accredited middle school program.  At American School, you're more than just a number.  We take sincere interest in our students' learning and offer the best curriculum and support we possibly can.  Count yourselves among our students by enrolling today!

Today’s Birthday: Linus Pauling

It's February 28, and chemist Linus Pauling was born on this date in 1901.  Before his death in 1994, he earned two different Nobel Prizes, one for chemistry in 1954 and one for peace in 1962, and is one of the most important scientists in history.  We know that science can be difficult for students, so we offer science courses in both online and paper-based formats.  Some students like taking high school correspondence courses, while others prefer to take online high school courses and online middle school courses.  We believe students should be able to learn in the way that is most comfortable for them.  The end results are that students do better and have a more enjoyable time learning.  Check out our course descriptions page to learn more about our course offerings.  Then visit our enrollment page to enroll and become our student!

Ryan Hartman Heads to Nashville

Yesterday former American School student Ryan Hartman was traded from the Chicago Blackhawks to the Nashville Predators.  While we enjoyed watching Ryan play for our hometown team, we know he'll be successful in Music City for the rest of this season.  If your goal is to earn a high school diploma at home, American School can help you do that.  We have a wide variety of high school correspondence courses and online high school courses in our curriculum.  As a non-profit institution, we are able to keep tuition cost to an absolute minimum, and monthly payment plans are available to students in our paper-based or online high school diploma program.  If you're ready to break the ice and enroll, we encourage you to do so today! 

Today’s Anniversary: The Grand Canyon

It's February 26, and 99 years ago today, Woodrow Wilson signed an act of Congress that created the Grand Canyon National Park.  Today it is one of the most famous national parks in the United States and visited by millions of people each year.  Perhaps you feel like there is a canyon between where you are right now and where you want to be in the future.  Earning a correspondence high school diploma or online high school diploma from American School can be a bridge from one side of the canyon to the other.  We have been one of the leading distance education high schools for longer than the Grand Canyon has been an official national park and would be happy to have you as our student.  Enroll today and you should be able to start your courses by this time next week!